“How can I migrate data from Office 365 to Gmail application directly as I have lot of data in my Office 365 account and now I want to switch my email application from Office 365 to Gmail application? Is there any way through which I can perform such kind of migration procedure?”


Direct migration of Office 365 account data can be possible through an automated tool that is Office 365 Converter. You can utilize this tool with normal intelligence as it contains all required and relevant features and options with the user-friendly interface. So, through this article, I will explain to you every detailed information about this software and the working process as well. You can understand process for Office 365 migration to Gmail application by the use of this software.

Why Users Want to Use Gmail Application Instead of Office 365 Application?

As we all know that the Office 365 email application is launched by Microsoft whereas the Gmail application is of Google itself. Both of these email application are completely cloud-based and has many unique functions for their users. But it is noticed that the Gmail application releases its updates which makes it better than any other application and that is the reason behind the attraction of users towards this application. Gmail also provides user-friendly options that can be easily understood by all users.

Featured Sections of Office 365 Converter

There are numerous benefits of this software for which this software becomes the first choice of all users those who want to switch their email client.

  • With this software, you can move emails along with all attachments and other important items of selected files.
  • It can transfer all data without saving any login credentials or any other confidential data of the Office 365 account.
  • This tool allows you to select exact filtration option through which you can transfer only required data with relevant details.
  • It can maintain the structure of data during the migration process so that users can get the same view of all migrated data into new application i.e. Gmail application.
  • This tool can work with all Windows Operating System including the latest one that is Windows OS 10.

Working Steps to Migrate Office 365 Data into Gmail Account

Step 1. Download third party tool that is Office 365 Converter on any Windows Operating System.

Step 2. Through the utilization of Select Email Source option go for Office 365 as your source application and then fill all required login details.

Step 3. After that, select destination account (Gmail) from the Backup section of the software. Now, enter login credentials of the selected application account.

Step 4. With the use of Options for Selective Backup, you can choose the required filtration options. (Date Range, From, To and Subject)

Step 5. Hit on the Backup button to move forward in the process and to start the migration.

By following these steps you can get your Office 365 account data in your Gmail account without any change in data.


It is observed from the above discussion that this software has all required sections through which the user can understand process for Office 365 migration to Gmail application. This software is advanced and gives exact results of migration. It can also perform Office 365 tenant to tenant migration process through which you can move data from one account of Office 365 to another account of Office 365 application. You can try this software to understand the procedure with its demo edition which is free to all users but it can migrate some files of Office 365 account as the whole procedure can be done through the licensed edition only.