Indian automobile manufacturer Mahindra & Mahindra has announced the launch of Automobile Pininfarina, that aims to manufacture high-end performance oriented cars and SUVs and will also roll out first of the vehicles badged with Mahindra owned Pininfarina for the global markets. The company is headquartered in Munich with the car to be rolled out from Turin.

The company will design, engineer and manufacture high technology, extreme performance, luxury electric vehicles for the most discerning global customers. Automobili Pininfarina will combine Pininfarina’s legendary automotive design prowess with Mahindra’s growing electric vehicle (EV) expertise gained from its participation in the Formula E electric racing car championship. Automobili Pininfarina plans to launch its first model, a ‘Pininfarina’ badged electric hypercar, in 2020. The company also stays committed to the high-end luxury market and has no current plans to build a rival to Tesla Model 3 said Anand Mahindra.

Anand Mahindra, Chairman, Mahindra Group, further said “Italy’s renowned design expertise produces objects of true beauty and unique style. Drawing upon the pedigree and design vocabulary of the Pininfarina artistic heritage we will develop a rare collector’s item that only a handful of connoisseurs will ever own. It will be an innovative and pioneering product powered by high technology. The Mahindra Group has bet big on electric vehicles. They are the future, and when power, beauty and high-end EV technology come together in one car – that will be the perfect luxury vehicle, that will give car lovers the freedom to roam without impacting the planet adversely.”


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The company aims to roll out the first product in 2020 and will be an electric sports car with a range of 500 km and will cost about €2 million (roughly about Rs 16 crore) and the production will be restricted to less than 100 units globally.

Dr. Pawan Goenka, Managing Director, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. and Chairman, Mahindra Racing, said, “We believe that this is the perfect time to launch Automobili Pininfarina, given Mahindra’s growing EV expertise from our participation in Formula E racing where we are currently second in the constructors’ and drivers’ championships, and Pininfarina’s design expertise that will allow us to develop stylish, extreme- performance, electric vehicles for global markets.”
Automobili Pininfarina will be led by Michael Perschke, as its Chief Executive Officer who also is the former head of Audi's India operations. He was the Managing Director of Audi in India and a member of the Management Board of Volkswagen Group Sales India, from 2010 to 2013. Michael will play an instrumental role in developing the strategy for Automobili Pininfarina. Per Svantesson will join him as Chief Operating Officer. Per brings with him relevant experience including his stints with the Volvo Group and NEVS.

Michael Perschke, CEO, Automobili Pininfarina commented, “Establishing Automobili Pininfarina as a leading sustainable luxury brand is our strategic vision and will be a dream come true. It will combine 88 years of iconic design heritage with leading-edge electric vehicle competence of the Mahindra Group and Mahindra Formula E racing. It is a powerful combination. I am honoured to lead Automobili Pininfarina, and our ambition is to make it a respected and desirable brand recognised by connoisseurs who value design heritage, substance and sustainable, high-performance EV technology.”


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There’s a new electric luxury car brand, and its name is Automobili Pininfarina. The first project. A fully electric, Pininfarina-badged hypercar set to arrive in 2020.

Automobile Pininfarina was hurled today by Mahindra & Mahindra and will use the business’s proficiency in electric vehicles to build the future speed machine. Mahindra of progression, races in Formula E.

What do we see so far? That the utterly electric hypercar will be able to go from 0-100kph in less than two seconds, from 0-298kph in less than 11secs, and flat out, we are looking at the sad end of 400kph. Possibly more.

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Moreover, yet, despite this super turn of speed – immensely, 0-100kphin less than two seconds, which is on par with Tesla’s future new Roadster – Pininfarina calculates on a range of 496km.

It will also come with Level 3+ independence, too: not entirely free, and the driver will be desired for certain conditions, but a step up from modest lane-keep assist and radar voyage, for instance.

Why a 2020 launch? Since in 2020, Pininfarina will rejoice its 90th anniversary; what better way than by a 400kph, fully electric extant?

It is a step on from Pininfarina’s former hydrogen-electric notion – the 2016 H2 Speed. That car cast-off a pair of fuel cells to control two electric engines.

“This scheme helps my family and me to realise my grandfather’s dream of seeing unresolved innovative cars solely exclusive Pininfarina on the roads,” clarified Pininfarina chairman Paolo Pininfarina.

Mahindra Group boss Anand Mahindra augmented: “Italy’s famous design expertise crops objects of true beauty then unique style. Sketch upon the pedigree besides design vocabulary of the Pininfarina artistic heritage we will grow a rare collector’s item that only a trickle of connoisseurs will ever own.”

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Observing how EVs are the ‘future’, Mahindra said: “When power, beauty and high-end EV technology come organised in one car, that will be the perfect luxury vehicle, that will give car lovers the liberty to roam without impacting the planet adversely.”

The whole development will be partial to no more than 100 cars.

Remarkable design and boosting engine take this car to the next level. If this vehicle ramp-up on the Formula 1 racing track then it will be the first electric vehicle to reach that speed. Growing influence of speed amid top brands makes challenging to tackle the viewpoint of the fastest track of the world. From the last two years, the United Kingdom is the one who crams the trophy and lying on the top of the list of F1. This upcoming competition will be challenging for all the participants and excites everyone with coming models.

This year Mahindra and Mahindra hyperloop makes it more interesting. Due to the devastating accumulation of the race track, Mahindra fitted smart tyres with smart features to get a better cover on the track.