It was a lovely beautiful morning.I was out for a walk in thewoods. The birds were chirping and soothing breeze touched me gently on my cheek. We have hireda cottage in the woods to call it our home for the next few days.On the recommendation of a dear friend I got the hang of a wonderful book on spirituality or  the book on ancient Hindu religion.                         Spirituality or Religion     

This is an age old question and clearly misunderstood by all.Even the so called intelligensia are at times confused between the two.With the help of the same book I tried to understand the two.Religion as we all know is the sum total of a person's belief about his world.Religion is the set of belief,dogmas,perceptions,rituals and doctrines.It is something to do with the outer world which a man has inherited from his ancestors.Religion is the faith system prevalent on a mass scale with a set of do's and don't.It is an outward journey to reach the almighty whereas Spirituality is more personal.It is an inward journey to reach God.Spirituality is more of a process of self exploration.The very essence of spirituality is that God resides within us and that there are no external means to reach God.Spirituality also means purification of soul.Indeed at times religion and spirituality are closely linked and why not?As I was walking in the deep woods a question arose in my mind.What if I abandon all my age old beliefs?Will it make me less spiritual?The question was haunting and the heart pounding as I walked with fast pace.Than came the reply No.Even if I abandon my age old belief system I can never get rid of my Individuality,my very essence of being, my Core.Yes Spirituality is very very internal and it's awakening leads to God.They say every religion teaches love but in my belief If you are spiritually aroused only then you can learn to love.Love can bring a full stop to all the miseries of mankind. This is possible because of the spiritual awakening !!!