If a female needs khula in Pakistan, he has to hire a lawyer for that. Khula papers in Pakistan is not for the client but for the family court because the khula papers in Pakistan is submitted in the court so that after the proceedings of khula in Pakistan you may get the khula orders from the family court. Khula orders from the family court are called khula decree in Pakistan. Khula in Pakistan is obtained by the female when the husband is not divorcing the female.

Please bear in mind that a female needs a valid reason or ground to take khula from court. In case the female fails to establish the grounds of khula procedure in Pakistan provided in the family laws of Pakistan then the court is not going to order the khula decree in the favour of female. So in case a female needs khula in Pakistan all she needs to do is to discuss all the relevant issues with her lawyer and he will suggest you how she can take khula in Pakistan.

khula procedure in pakistan

Once you have discussed all your relevant issues of divorce in Pakistan and if you are satisfied with your lawyer all you need to do is to pay your lawyer the fee and leave the rest of the khula work for him. The divorce lawyer in Pakistan after taking your case will draft the khula papers in Pakistan and file this drafted case in the family court. Make sure you have provided all the necessary information to your lawyer so that he can prepare your khula papers in Pakistan without any error or mistake.

After preparing the khula papers in Pakistan your lawyer will submit your case in family court and proceed with the case. When both the husband and wife is ready for divorce then there is no need of submitting the divorce case in family court then ask your lawyer to prepare the khula papers in Pakistan where both the husband and wife with sign. After the signature of husband and wife this khula papers will not be submitted in family court but it will be submitted in arbitration council.

khula procedure in pakistan

Khula papers with mutual understanding are also called mutual divorce deed. The only difference between the mutual divorce deed and the khula papers with mutual understanding is that the mutual divorce deed is initiated at the instance of husband and the khula papers in Pakistan with mutual understanding is initiated on the instance of wife.

Khula papers in Pakistan are submitted in the family court when the husband is not ready to sign and is not willing to divorce the wife. When the husband is not willing to sign then the khula case in Pakistan is submitted in the family court and when the husband is ready to divorce then after signature of husband on khula papers in Pakistan the case is submitted in arbitration council. Lawyer will be hired for khula in family court and for khula in arbitration council who will get you the divorce in less time and in effective way.