Caring for our aging parents is an aid to self development.Caring for our aging parents with love and affection is the highest honour.Holding the hand which rocked the cradle should give us a sense of pride.Aging is an inevitable process and all of us have to go through it.Youth is rash,impatient,impulsive and full of boundless energy whereas aging is all about maturity,wisdom and respectability.Energy levels may reach a low but love can make them glow.Our parents are people to be revered,they are precious,wise sages with a storehouse of knowledge and traditions.They are living examples of chapters of history,as they can impart experience of life from their own experiences.Living with them and caring for them once they become feeble is like reviving a wilting plant.They held our hand since childhood ,striving to give us the best.They being beacons of light need to be treated well,as they help to strengthen relationships and give us family values.

Parents who have given us food,shelter,education and helped us to be successful in life do not need materialistic things to get them going in old age.Going to foreign shores for studies and better job prospects is not bad but neglecting aging parents to fulfill your dreams is bad.Don't leave them at the mercy of relatives,friends,caregivers but make proper arrangements for their health and happiness.Aging brings behavioral changes and insecurity.Insecurity and sadness can lessen the life-span ,so make the environment conducive for them to live a hale and hearty life.They need grandchildren to cheer them,to boost their energy.Abandoning them,sending them to old age homes in their sunset years is the worst thing a child can do.Give them respect and dignity of their years,a happy family gives them  immense pride.Today one should keep them abreast with technology,spend time with them,accompany them for their health checkups and above all involve them in your social gatherings.Take time out of your busy schedule to give them company.Lot of home health facilities like Portea,Max@home and Nightingale have come up to aid the elderly.We should shower them with love by using modern day techniques to give them the best facilities to live and cherish their memories.

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