A women must be empowered

Yup its true.A women must be empowered and free to take all the decisions of life.

Why only men can take there decision why not women?

These thoughts always surround my mind wd lots of questions.

For me women empowerment does not mean unnecessary drama of doing everything a men can do.

No, women are born to do things a man cannot do.

So,for me empowerment of women means:      

1)Gving a right to take decisions of our life.

2)Giving an opportunity to show that our thoughts are much superior than others.

3) If a women can handle home alone then she can also handle the office in the same manner.

4) There should be no restrictions if she wants to spend some quality times with her dear ones.

5) Don't just judge them just because she wears jeans.

6)If she gets 20, don't ask her to marry and settle down with someone she even don't know.

7)Don't watch her with your dirty mind and ugly eyes.

8)And most important let her choose her partner, cz she has to spend rest of her life with that men.

Now, We talk about women empowerment but yet women has not been empowered.