There are two types of educator, strict and friendly. When does somebody ask the schoolchildren which charisma they like utmost, the former or the latter one? Frequently students perhaps will answer that they like to have a friendly teacher. Nonetheless, how if we come to the declarations that with the friendly teacher we learn a petite thing, on the different side having a strict teacher we acquire a lot. Of course, the foremost point here is learning a lot and it is not in the span of having strict or friendly one, as it is difficult optimal for everybody.

The teacher must have an arrangement in a year of teaching which mentions to the curriculum syllabus. If talking about the arrangement then it will tell a lesson plan. Consequently, devising a lesson plan is erstwhile to the teacher. In direction to make the knowledge process effective teacher must stern to the lesson. Lesson plan aids the teacher in scheming what and how to teach successively and surely it is useful for scholars to know what to acquire as it is held that a lesson proposal is the teacher’s roadmap of what scholars need to study and how it will be done efficiently during the class time. Though, an arrangement in comprehensive will diminish some problems happened.

The finest teacher is hypothetical to be a friend but not a buddy. The best teacher would be happier when his scholar shines him in all knowledge chases. He is not frightened to receive his inadequacies in terms of facts and eager to learn from the scholars.

When requested a question for which he does not have the reply, he should be brave enough to amenably say in front of the entire class that he does not have the answer and in its place of fleeting on the buck on scholars that they will not be able to recognize at that point in spell, should endeavor to treasure the answer himself and elucidate it in the next class if he emanates to know around it.