With the help of this blog, you shall be able to make a backup photo of User Profile as well as get to know the method of transferring the profile to a new computer with the Windows backup software and a manual tool in Windows 10. So go through this blog carefully.

Source:Backup And Transfer User Profile In Windows 10

The method of backing up Windows System by user profile in Windows 10

1. Firstly, use EaseUS Todo Backup. 

2. Then, press on System Backup for backing up the present operating system on the PC. 

3. After that, go to the System Backup window. 

4. Next, choose a backup location. Press on 'Browse' for selecting the backup storage system. 

5. Then, put a 'plan name' and 'description.' It is compulsory when there are plenty of same backups at the same place. 

6. After that, press on 'Schedule.' You shall be able to put an automatic backup work by routine, weekly, or else of an event. 

7. Next, press on Image reserve strategy. By this, you shall be able to organize the increasing operating system backup.

8. For making an OS backup by not consuming a lot of disk space, turn on OS backup encryption.

9. Then, press on 'Proceed' after completing the above-required settings.

The method of copying as well as making a backup user profile for Windows 10

1. If you wish to have space in your system, then you need to connect an external drive or else USB to the device for saving the backup picture of User Profile.

2. Then, press on 'Start' and press 'Control Panel.'

3. After that, select 'Backup and Restore' (Windows 7).

4. Next, press 'Set up backup.' It shall be on display itself.

5. Then, choose the external device as a location for saving the backup picture and press 'Next' for continuing.

6. After that, press on 'Let me choose.'

7. Then, press on 'Next.'

8. Next, choose the particular user library which you require transferring.

9. Note that if wish having a backup of a user profile, then you need to un-tick the option 'Include a System Image.'

10. Then, press on Next.

11. After that, it shall let you know the summary. If no problem is there, press 'Save settings and run backup.'

The method of transferring user profile to another computer in Windows 10, Windows 8 and Windows 7

1. Firstly, you require connecting the storage system with User Profile backup to another device.

2. Next, view 'Backup and Restore' (Windows 7).

3. Then, press 'select another backup to restore files from.'

4. After that, press on 'Select the backup that you wish to restore User Profile from.'

5. Then, press on 'Next' for continuing.

6. Next, press on 'Browse for folders' for selecting the backup picture of User Profile.

7. After that, press on 'Next' for continuing.

8. Then, choose the location for restoring the files, 'In the original location.'

9. Next, choose 'In the original location' for making sure that no problem occurs.

10. After that, press on 'Restore.'

11. Next, give some time for the restoring work to get over.

12. Then, restart the system.

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