Qamar Ali was a famous Sufi Saint and was renowned for his miracles. Qamar Ali was born into a family of middle-class Muslims whose men folk prided themselves on their muscular prowess. 

When he was scarcely six, he became a disciple of a Sufi Pir who lived nearby, and spent his days in meditation and fasting.

Before long, throngs of devotees began to flock to his doorstep drawn by the young Sufi mystic's compassion and miraculous powers of healing.

It is believed that some eight hundred years ago a gymnasium existed on the spot where the shrine now stands. 

Two large stones were used by the wrestlers for exercise purposes. Being not interested in these activities Qamar Ali was always targeted by the other boys. It is said that this stone has been laid by him to prove that spiritual power is greater than brute strength.

Qamar Ali died in his late teens but as he lay on his deathbed, he requested that a circular stone weighing 200 pounds, be placed near his tomb. 

According to the legend, he said: "If eleven men place their right index fingers under the stone and then jointly call my name, I will cause it to rise higher than their heads."

“Otherwise, neither singly nor together will they be able to move it more than two feet off the ground.”

From that day on-wards the stones could be raised in the prescribed manner only by applying that formula.

Marble steps lead up to the Dargarh (shrine). Qamar Ali Darvesh was a celibate and in deference to his chastity, women are not allowed inside the mausoleum.

Do the stones really levitate?

Depending on who you ask, the Shivapur levitating stone really does levitate. Accounts from a large number of men who have attempted the levitation claim that the levitation only works when Qamar Ali’s directions are followed exactly.

Many have tried to explain the phenomenon through natural elements or science, but the fact remains that the results are extraordinary.

The site of Qamar Ali Darvesh’s body is shrouded in mystery. Many have sworn that 12 or 10 fingers do not work and only 11 people can levitate the stone. 

It could also be because the stone has too many holes which reduce the weight of the stone or the holes trap air which act like air capsules that help in the floating of the stone

Whether the explanation is a spiritual or natural one is yet to be proven. This stone defies science and logic with its levitation miracle. Though it is absurd that how saying a saint’s name even after he is dead can raise the stone.