Education doesn't mean  cramming and getting good grades.Education means teaching a child the meaning of right and wrong.Exams were devised for a teacher to find out  how effective her teaching was and how much knowledge her students had imbibed.But today schools,teachers,parents judge a child on the basis of marks.They have forgotten low scorers had reached heights due to their ability to think rationally.Teachers and parents should push a child to discover his passion and work for it,instead of ridiculing the child for his low scores.It lowers the self esteem of a child who is scoffed for getting low grades in the boards as both parents and teachers feel the child won't get admission in good colleges.

Marks are not an indication of talent or intelligence but hard-work,sincerity and dedication.Getting low grades can signify that child has some other unique talent which should be polished to achieve his goal in life.

Childhood is an extremely sensitive phase in one's life and the nurturing and resources can make an impact in adulthood.Each child is unique and requires a holistic development of the mind,physical and emotional well-being.To blossom into good adults they require proper nurturing.

Holistic development means a practical approach to comprehensive learning system, where emotional,spiritual,physical,mental growth of a child is taken into consideration.This type of learning focuses on overall development of a child and implement what they have learnt.


Parents have become more attentive to this sort  of education instead of conceptual learning.Today working parents have little time to associate themselves with their children leading to behavioural  problems in children.Children need life skills to survive in life instead of academic learning.The holistic system helps children become self-reliant,discover oneself,develop healthy relationships and make them learn team spirit.All this boosts a child's morale and achieve good careers and become good citizens.

Sports and games should be an integral part of the school curriculum,vocational training,research work,should be enforced to help in the overall development of a child.