Wearing gemstones helps in increasing the power of weak planets in the horoscope and you should wear it only after the gemstone recommendation is done by an expert astrologer. The same gemstone is not suitable for every person. Show your horoscope to an able and competent astrologer and ask them to analyze the position of planets in your kundli.

If the astrologer feels that a particular planet is creating problems in life, he will ask you to wear a gemstone. Buy a real and pure gemstone as per the advice of the expert. Finding a pure and authentic gemstone is not easy as it is difficult to distinguish between a real and fake stone. Ensure that the stone you buy is pure and not a fake one.

It is best to use a high-quality gemstone that is free of imperfections. Avoid gemstones that are tampered and manipulated and have a poor cut. Get the stone checked by a certified gemologist before you buy it and make a ring out of it. Gain a basic knowledge of gemstones so that you can recognize a true and pure gemstone from the fake ones. Ask your astrologer to see your horoscope and find the most suitable gemstone that would please the planets and rectify problems in the kundli. 

Using the right gemstone can reduce difficulties in your life. Each gemstone is meant for a certain planet. If a planet is not in a good position in the horoscope, it causes problems related to that planet. The gemstone for that particular planet has the power to pacify it and reduce the problems that occur in life.

Besides consulting an astrologer for choosing the best gemstone in person, you can also get online guidance and advice for gemstone recommendation. Some websites have the facility of gemstone recommendation tool in which you can enter your birth details and know the most appropriate gemstone for you. This helps in getting accurate information about gemstones that pacify planets in a particular horoscope. 

Buy an authentic stone after checking out the online gems recommendation. This is a simple step in which you need to provide the birth details. The gemstone tool suggests the best gemstone based on date and time of birth. For this, you should have accurate information about your date and time of birth. If the time of birth is not exact, the results may not be correct and you may make the mistake of wearing a wrong and unsuitable gemstone. Thus, ensure that you enter the correct birth details in the gemstones recommendation tool. 

Besides knowing the right gemstone for you online, you can also talk to an astrologer directly. Either visit the astrologer or talk to them on the phone. Just like the online gemstone tool, the astrologer will ask you about your birth information and check which gemstone is right for you.

Many astrologers offer the facility of online booking of a phone consultation for choosing the right gemstones. You should wear a gemstone that suits you. Only an astrologer can tell which gemstone will suit you. Wearing a wrong gemstone can lead to serious problems in life. Thus, you should not wear a gemstone if you have no idea if it will suit you or not. 

People who are facing difficulties in their life must get gems recommendation by date of birth. Using a good gemstone can resolve the issues in your life. Whether you are facing a problem in your career, marriage, education, or any other area of life, gemstones can remove the blockages in your life. It is important for an astrologer to study the horoscope deeply to know the exact gemstone that resolves the problems that you face. Trust the gemstone recommendation tool or consult an astrologer in person or phone to know the right gemstone for you