Most of us believe in ‘Love at First Sight’, but for me it was – ‘Love at First Write’. Four years ago when I wrote my first write-up, I knew instantly that this was what I was meant to do. In my early childhood, I had written those short stories beginning with ‘Once upon a time’ but I rarely kept a record of them. This time - something was different. Everything was different. It seemed as if someone had smacked me in my face and awakened me to my vocation. I discovered the path that I had wanted to follow since forever but had somehow never thought about. I was so lost in the hubbub of my so-called ‘dilemma of career-choosing’ that I simply didn’t see the answer lurking in front of me. It was simple. I loved English Literature. I loved reading. I loved writing. I had no doubts, no conundrums – just a crystal-clear vision. Those days were where it all began. Soon everything became about me and my love – writing.

Being a writer means everything to me. It is an opportunity to express myself, my thoughts and imaginations through words. It is exploring the surroundings, having new experiences, learning from it, and enhancing myself. It is embracing your own self and discovering what you’re capable of.

Being a regular contributor for my School Magazine, participating in various Creative Writing Competitions, writing messages for special occasions of my loved ones, expressing joy as well sadness through words – these all have helped and still help me to expand my horizon of writing. These are all important when I talk about myself as a writer, but the most important experience that I have is - sitting down at night, spending some alone time with myself, going through my actions of the entire day, and just letting the thoughts in my mind be translated into words on paper. It has been helping me grow since the day I started writing. It might just be an enlisting of what all I did on that day, but in reality, it is this that keeps me going and keeps me inspired to write everything else that I write.

It, kind of, creates a strange sensation in me. On my social media accounts, I always share quotes, lines, paragraphs, and stories written by others – some stories just touch you so deeply that they help you find something which you have been searching for a long time.  I thought of searching the internet for another quote on the power of writing and sharing it, but then suddenly I realized it. I have been hiding behind the words of various authors for a long time. It’s time that I find a voice of my own. I need to get out there and shout out to the world that I’m capable. After all, it’s not fame for which I took up writing in the first place. It’s for me that I write. It makes me feel comfortable and at home, and I want to share it all with the others. I don’t care if they’ll not like it. I know that there always is and will always be at least one person in the world who wants to read my words.

I write about places without even visiting them. I know its imagination but sometimes my lack of experience in travelling affects my writing. Now, I have started to observe my surroundings more carefully and take in everything that I can. I just experience anything and everything and condense it into my words.

Sometimes I feel lost but then I find my love again – writing. I love writing and I cannot imagine my life without it, and that’s my biggest fear – losing this part of myself that makes the most of me. I get distracted a lot. I know it’s not good and I’m trying to help myself get out of it all and just remind myself each day what writing is to me – it’s my whole life. I can’t afford to lose it.

All the golden memories of my life with my friends and family, act as driving forces for my writing process. I am just too afraid to let it all go. I just want to share my words with people. I am not frightened of rejections. The only thing I am afraid of is letting out too much. I am just afraid to show my words to the world.

Still, I write so that my words can act as a means to reach out to others like me who are passionate about something but are held back by their doubts as to if they should tell the world what they are capable of. I hope that through these experiences and confessions, they will get inspired to follow their dreams.

I know that I’ll keep writing till the end. The reason is too simple. Whether we are happy or sad, ultimately we return to our home. 

Writing is my Home.