Different people have many different ways to cope up with stress. Some people go for counseling, massage, exercise, or yoga.

Well, the best way to control your stress is meditation, and thanks to our inventions you can download some super cool meditation apps that can beat stress and other psychological problems.

Does Meditation Help To Get Over Stress?

Yes! Meditation helps to get over stress. It acts in just the opposite way the stress acts. It triggers the body’s own relaxation techniques. Therefore the body gets restored in its calm state. The meditation helps the body to repair itself and to prevent damage from the stress.

With the help of meditation, the heart rate stays in a normalized condition. Your breathing becomes more clear, therefore, your immunity power boosts a lot. The best part of the meditation is that your mind ages slowly than previous days, thus your creativity increases.

Apps For You To Get Over Stress

We have listed the 7 really cool meditation apps to get over stress. These are available in both Apple app store and Android play store and you can use them on any devices from smartphones to tablets.

1. Calm - Meditate Sleep Relax

Play Store Rating: 4.4

The app Calm - Meditate Sleep Relax is designed in a way so that it can help you to be calm. This app contains some stunning background to which you can stare for ages and do your meditation. Calm takes you to the mind palace without having to go anywhere physically. It contains more than 100 guided meditation that covers sleep, focus, anxiety, wellness, stress, and many more.

2. Let's Meditate: Sleep And Guided Meditation

Play Store Rating: 4.8

The app Let's Meditate: Sleep And Guided Meditation is based on behavioral therapy and meditation. It has some great benefits as it can track your sleep and helps you to keep a record of your daily routine. This light app is great for both anxiety and stress. It contains a vivid selection of topics that you can use to get rid of your anxiety and control your stress.

3. Om Meditation All-in-One

Play Store Rating: 4.7

Om Meditation All-in-One is a special meditation tool that is for Hindu-Buddhist people. Through this app the trainer and the helper chants many Hindu and Buddhist mantras that can keep your nerve calm. Mantras such as the universal Om. It has a chant timer and with this app, you can cope up with stress in a bit easier way.

4. Meditation And Relaxation: Guided Meditation

Play Store Rating: 4.7

The app Meditation And Relaxation: Guided Meditation is one of the best ways to control anxiety and stress. It helps you in mindfulness and cognitive behavioral therapy. The number one goal of the app is to make us feel happier and emotionally fulfilled.

5. Meditation Plus: Music, Timer, Relax

Play Store Rating: 4.4

Meditation Plus: Music, Timer, Relax helps everyone who is suffering from anxiety and disorder. It helps to build your very own anxiety tool kit that tailor you to control your own life. In just 7 days you will learn to relax and calm yourself in very serious condition. You will also be able to center yourself, to focus easily and sleep better with the help of this application.

6. Serenity: Guided Meditation and Mindfulness

Play Store Rating: 4.8 

The app Serenity: Guided Meditation and Mindfulness helps you to control anxiety and stress. It helps to fend off the normal fight or flight response of stress and anxiety. It is a fantastic tool that can track your breathing. This app brings a sense of calm, peace, and happiness in your mind and teaches you more about mindfulness.

7. Insight Timer- Free Meditation App

Play Store Rating: 4.7

Insight Timer- Free Meditation App is perfect for those who want to experience a stress-free and soothing life. The app is filled with different types of guided meditations, breathing, practices, music, talks, and lessons. It has more than 45000 guided meditation therapy and you can try them all without spending a cent.


Mediation is the getaway of a beautiful life. Always remember that there are many ways by which you can get relief from stress. Each individual has their unique method to find mindfulness. If you want to go for a guided meditation or need to practice breathing exercises you can get everything from the right app.