Helen Doron is an English language educator and linguist from England. She started the Helen Doron Educational Group to provide English classes to young people. Her educational centres are linked through a franchise system in the town of Misgav. She currently lives in Hararit. You can learn more about Helen Doron and her career at helendoron. Read on to learn more about the Helen Doron method.

Helen Doron method

The Helen Doron method is a comprehensive approach for teaching children English as a foreign language. It uses games and music to help children learn English naturally. In addition, the method is designed to help children learn the skills they need to communicate effectively with their peers. This approach is ideal for children with learning disabilities because it helps them develop their communication skills and engage in social interactions. It can be adapted to help children of all ages learn English.

The Helen Doron method is based on a 12-year curriculum and is designed for small after-school groups and early elementary school levels. The method uses play and story cards, as well as specially-written songs and music CDs. Students learn English grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation through games, stories, and music CDs. This method also provides practice for reading and writing and emphasizes listening comprehension. Moreover, it helps children build their confidence and self-esteem in English.

Helen Doron teachers

A British linguist and educator, Helen Doron has founded the Helen Doron Educational Group in Israel. Through her franchise system, her centres offer English classes to young people. Doron lives in Hararit and is a member of the Hararit Town Council. Helen Doron teachers in Israel operate at more than a hundred locations. It is unclear how many students she teaches in each location. Here are a few facts about her.

Founded in 1985, the Helen Doron Educational Group specializes in teaching English as a Foreign Language (EFL) and other subjects. Since its inception, the company has expanded globally, educating more than three million children in English, Math, nature, and movement. Despite its rapid expansion, Helen Doron teachers remain committed to their core values and community spirit. In fact, many of the founders of the Helen Doron Educational Group are former students themselves.

Shira Waldman

English teacher Shira Waldman lives in Lavon, a small community in the Galilee hills of Northern Israel. She is an energetic mother of four kids and fosters dogs for the homeless. She and her husband, Eyal, are Canadians, and Shira speaks English at home. She also knows French from her school days. Besides English, Shira also speaks German and French.