When the word 'Work culture' is said, the picture of people working seriously in front of systems strikes in mind. However, this is not the complete truth. These days the owner and the higher authorities are striving hard to make the old mundane work culture into new fun and productive culture. The employees spend most of their weekdays in office. In Fact, they spend more time with their colleagues than with their family. As a mother and a wife, I understand the importance of a Healthy and Happy work culture. Below are some of the measures which will help to attain a delivering and delighting work culture.

Warm Greetings: Whenever we step into the office, the first thing we do is exchanging greetings with our colleagues. This makes us feel fresh and charged. But it is often observed that senior employees are greeted by their junior employees. Why can't it be vice versa? I mean, if not always, at times, senior employees can wish their subordinates too. A smiling wish from their boss will cheer them up and give them a sense of equality and equity.

Appreciation first, criticism last: No doubt, whenever an employee does a mistake he needs to be told about it. But never criticize your employee abruptly. First appreciate his good work and then calmly explain to him about his mistakes. Also, do not to point out his mistakes as the first thing in the morning. This will make his whole day dull and unproductive. Select the right time and right way to discuss the problem. This will help him not getting offended and he will realise his mistakes with optimism.

Music break: Apart from tea/coffee break and lunch break, a five minute music break twice a day will be a great refreshment. Every person is fond of music, no matter what the age. Play any trending tracks and encourage employees to stand up at their respective places and move to the dancing tunes. However, make sure to play some fast beat tracks. This will take away their boredom and will make them energetic.  

Theme day: We have themes for weddings, birthdays and almost every event. Why can't we have a theme day once a month at the office? It can be anything like retro theme, mughal theme or seasonal themes such as spring, summer, rainy and so on. Decor the office accordingly. Inform the employees in prior and convince them to dress up according to the theme. However, make sure not to overdo both with the decorations and the dressing. This will be fun and create enthusiasm in employees. 

Employees' Notice board: A notice board is generally meant FOR the employees where the Human Resources team displays the required notifications. Why can't we have a separate notice board which is BY the employees? It should be open for all and should grant freedom of expression. Employees can put up their articles, blogs or any type of art work on the board. This will be interesting and enhance creativity in employees.

Apart from the above measures, creating a Safe and Secure environment is the key step to attain delightful work culture. It applies for both men and women. An unbiased system is the root for a successful organisation.