Toothache Plant is called as---Spilanthes acmella

It has acquired this name-as the flowers on being chewed cause numbing sensation in the mouth.Helps to stop a toothache.

It belongs to the family---Asteraceae(aster family)

It is  native to South America

It is also called as buzz button and electric daisy

It is a tender annual,with a height of one foot.

It has bright yellow flowers.

Medicinal Uses:

It contains a chemical Spilanthol which causes the local anaesthetic effect.

During a toothache,a leaf rubbed on the gum area of toothache,becomes numb in seconds.

The leaf can be chewed for a while and then kept in the mouth between the gum and cheek to get relief from toothache

Also used for sore gums,in teething of babies and mouth ulcers

Leaf has antiseptic properties ,it helps to get rid of bacteria and infections

The leaves are rubbed on cuts,hard to heal sores and acne

Helpful in people suffering from thrush,candida,fungal and auto-immune diseases,eating the leaves as a salad can be beneficial to them

Chewing of the flower causes excessive salivation or drooling

There is a tingling in the mouth and cool sensation in the throat

This helps in alleviating the tooth pain.

Leaves are full of minerals and a good source of folic acid and vitamin C

In India they are used as flavouring in chewing tobacco


Seeds are grown 4-6 weeks indoor before the advent of frost

They need warmth and a temperature of 70*

They need sunlight to germinate

Once the seeds sprout and no danger of frost,they are transplanted outside in a compost ,rich soil

The plants need full sun to grow

The plants can be grown in containers with good drainage

They need good watering

They are pest free and easy to grow