It was during morning rush hour,She caught by ticket checker at dombavli.In the morning hour working day.

She got fear over face.she grew tentention in mind.she become nervous and nonchalant.she caught into shiver with it.

She said,' I have a ticket"

"I have purchased ticket"but her request failed.she nibbled and fumbled her purse.she scribbling away and finding every corner of her purse;but she could not found it.Scrawled and scratched her purse in anger.

The train of thought running into her mind one by one.her project presentation at morning sharp.10.a.m.

If she failed, to reach at company, her salary increment would  be decreased.her future on that project depended.Company project  on her presentation.if it not done on time, her future and also company dream project will be derailed.such precious opportunity she did not want to slip  it away easily .but now how can she do?

Ticket checker brought her into court.court fined last she paid fine.she caught way to office but till company project presentation time was was too late.

She then took a big sigh. Her throat was thirsty.she drew money purse,into it a folded note she found a railway was current ticket .she was being struck by noticing it.The  unfolded which was wrapped like' ciggarate roll'. She streched notes tangled into was running ticket of raiway for that she was fined .it destroyed her time and future for whole life.