Female’s or Woman’s mind is sharper and cleaner. Women’s thinking power is also many folds than men. Man’s mind is pre-occupied on many subjects and also think more on unwarranted and unwanted matter, which are in no way useful to regular life. Man’s thinking is such that the mind cannot analyze the subject matter in detail, as women pay more attention on the subject matter with an ingenious vision and make good analysis of “what is what”, “what is happening in this world”, “how the things move in one’s family”, “where the things go wrong”,  “what are the remedies for leading a good life”, “how to overcome hardships & bottlenecks”, “how a person combats his life”, “ill-effects of alcohol & drugs”,“need to help  less and under-privileged children/people”, etc.

Women’s thinking power is so shrewd that they make self-advocacy in her life about the wrong deeds and wrong things & ill-effects. Therefore, the power of tongue, power of knowledge and application of mind of a women is meticulous, perfect and the application of though for solving problems, or for resolving any issues/problems shall be worked out in a planned way, which will lead to success of a woman in her life; whereas, a man may not be having such a patience as that of a woman.