For sometime I used to think that money is the most evil thing on Earth.Nothing can corrupt a mind like this .No other thing on Earth can affect a relationship where a brother becomes killer of his own blood.So all blame goes to money .But money is just a paper , how it can force us to do something ,it's a very lifeless body.We created this thousands years before now we became victim of what we created .money is not an evil ,it's just us who see this from a devil's just trigger certain selfish aspect of our life and we do the rest .But if we think we created this for our own need,and we need money to live .Then we can change the way we response to it.This currency system in which we are living is the most perfect system ever created.It makes a perfect balance between freewill and determinism.if we have enough ,we can do whatever we wish ,if we don't then we can't . Nobody can blame another one for one's poverty. Which helps to maintain individuality among all of us.We can understand it's true importance of we question it's existence,not only in this case ,in every case if really need to understand something,we need to understand what it would be if it doesn't exist at all.So now you imagine how human race could survive if there is no currency system.Without currency men can't show their free will,so there has to be certain set of rules about using limited resources of this world.
And all services will be free.there has to be no charge or preference for any kind of service.With these two principles it's possible to run a world without money and it will be an utopian society with perfect equality of rights among all.But this system would take free will from us ,the quality which we have within ourselves can't be discarded.We can't stand in equality because we are not there will be many people who will break this system somehow and government cant keep records of everything.This system without currency will fall and It will be a chaos again.and there comes the money,making us solely accountable for most actions we take.So Money is an essential thing for society to have but too much freedom ruined us actually.Thats what happened.its upto us how we thought to use it and take it for our life,we can't blame a thing . Someone can like Lily instead rose because of its serenity.It upto you  what emotions you put in that and that is reflected back to you.Which make you believe that ,the Lily possess serenity,but actually it's your brain which is trained to find serenity in such color combination.its your memories and beliefs which give life to a lifeless body.So we have to do this wisely.