Refrigerant Dryer

The refrigerant dryer uses a refrigeration circuit and heat exchange used to cool air by removing moisture from air. The moisture free air is heated.Refrigerant dryers contain two heat exchanges -: air to air and air to refrigerant.

Refrigerated dryers can be classified into 

  • Direct expansion air dryers – These air dryers are classified into –: fixed speed non cyclic air dryers and fixed speed cyclic air dryers.
  • Thermal air dryer
  • Digital scroll dryer

How do I select a refrigerant dryer?

When trying to purchase a refrigerant dryer for your plant it is important to do some research. Refrigerant dryer lasts for years and consumes significant amount of electricity. Cyclic and non-cyclic refrigerated dryers are more popular. Cyclic air dryers have lower power consumption on lighter roads. Loading consideration must be taken into account when you select your air dryer. The pressure drops of refrigerated dryers may affect power consumption. 

Bengchuan Pte Ltd. stocks two varieties of refrigerant dryers.  They are dealers in the BDH series and the KDL series.

Screw Compressor

The screw compressor is a rotary air compressor that compresses air with the screw action. Rotary screw compressors are more popular than piston compressors. A screw compressor has two interlocking rotors. Air enters through the inlet valve and is forced through the space between the rotors. As the screw turn they are reduced in volume and are finally ejected. 

There are two types of screw compressors

  • Oil free
  • Oil flooded

The capacity of the screw compressor is measured.

  • The volume of compressed air flow- some brands specify scfm or m3/sec
  • Air pressure – some brand specify bar or cfm
  • Power – measured hp

Bengchuan Pte Ltd. offers two varieties of screw compressors

  1. BCM 
  2. Kora Buma Technical compressors 

Hydraulic Equipment

Hydraulic equipment uses pressurized fluid to perform machining operations.In hydraulic equipment pumps driven by motors pressurize hydraulic fluid. This fluid is sent through a series of tubes to the actuators which use the pressurized fluid to complete the task.

Hydraulic equipment is versatile since a high level of power can be achieved easily. They are widely used in heavy construction industry.  Hydraulic equipment operates with the help of valves, pumps, filters and actuators. 

Bengchuan Pte Ltd. stocks hydraulic equipment of different types you can contact them for more details.