Cloud computing is an information technology paradigm, a model which helps us to access resources such as data on server ,computer networks and storage etc with the help of the internet. Cloud computing allows user with various computing capabilities to store and process data on internet on their own cloud or on the global server. Hence it makes the accessing the data easy, more efficient and time saving. The companies such as APPLE and GOOGLE are more focused on cloud computing. Google’s  google docs and Apple’s icloud are most recently developed and widely used clouds.

    Cloud computing has following set of characteristics:

1.Device and Location independence: Allows user to access the data from any web browser regardless of their location.

2.Maintainance:  Maintainance of cloud computing application is easier, because they do not need to be installed on each client’s computer and can be accessed from anywhere.

 3.Performance: The performance is high as  it is monitored by experts from  service provider.

4.Security: Security is increased as data is stored on servers and the companies that provides the service has good security and also loss of data is prevented.

            Cloud computing providers offer their service according to different models, of which three standard models are Infrastructure as a Service(Iaas), Software as a service(SaaS) and Platform as a Service(Paas ). The IaaS includes processing, storage, networks and other fundamental resources. E.g  host firewalls. Saas provides the user to use applications running on cloud infrastructure. E.g web browser, Email etc. Paas offers development environment to application developers. The provider develops toolkit and standards for development of applications. E.g  Google app engine 

Deployment Models:

Private cloud:Private cloud is cloud infrastructure  operated solely for a single organization, whether managed internally or by third party and can also be hosted externally or internally. It can imoprove business but has security issues and also requires huge capital expenditures.

Public cloud :A cloud is called as public cloud when the services are rendered over a network that is open for public use.Public cloud services most of the times are free. Technically there is little difference between private and public cloud except the fact that security factor is lacking in public cloud. Example of public cloud service providers are Amazon Web Services(AWS),Microsoft  and Google. They operate their infrastructure at their data center and access it via internet.

Hybrid cloud:Hybrid cloud is a composition of two or more clouds that remain distinct entities but are bound together , offering the benefits of multiple deployment models. A hybrid cloud crosses isolation and provider boundaries  so that it can’t be put in one simple category of private or public clouds

Distributed cloud:A cloud computing platform can be assembled from a distributed set of machines in different locations, connected to single network. Two types of distributed clouds are Public resource computing and Volunteer cloud.


  1. Provides dependable and secure data storage center.

  2. Cloud computing does not require high equipment for user and it is easy to use.