It was just yesterday when a friend of mine was scolding her teen aged daughter for wearing revealing clothes and in her statement she told the girl whether she would do a job or get married later, her male boss and her husband would object to her wearing such skimpy clothes.This gave me a food for thought, as why is the fairer sex is always treated like a waxen doll who can't do as she likes.Why is she always considered the damsel- in- distress??Are we all Rapunzels  held captives in ivory towers waiting for a male knight to rescue us????

We may have evolved from the ancient  uneducated girls,who were supposed to learn only household chores to sustain them in life as a male patriarch i.e either the father,brother,father-in-law or husband would always dominate over them.They only looked after home and hearth and their opinion was not sought after in any major decision of the family.They were guarded and guided on their looks and attire.But today even after decades the fair sex may be given a good education and a liberty to choose their career  but still they are dominated by males in their life.They may capture the skies,navigate the oceans,go in for active combat,climb mountains,dominate all spheres which were earlier considered a taboo area for them still there is an existence of the male stereotype.Too often they are portrayed in two ways- as prizes to be won by men  or as damsels-in-distress.

We women are more to blame for this stereotype as we teach our daughters to be submissive,tender hearted  and obedient.But this is wrong ,we must teach our daughters to worry less about fitting into glass slippers and more about shattering glass ceilings.The fairer sex may be endowed with compassion and tenderness,yet she has broken stereotypes by fitting well into'manly jobs' and acquiring a good paycheck.So men and women are born equal and can do well in everything  they try irrespective of these stereotypes.

We being in the 21st century should boast of equality.The smartest thing a woman can learn is never to lean on a man.The fair sex doesn't find her worth in a man but she can find her worth in herself and then find a man worthy of her.

She is not a damsel in distress,waiting to be rescued  by some handsome knight but she is a warrior with a sword ready to strike a fierce blow at the opportune moment.We need to give wings to our daughters to chase their dreams,let  them think and soar instead of making them a bore.Let us give them the independence to eat,drink,wear and soar,then only we can break off from the male shackles for sure.