Staying amidst nature - check
Bit of adventure - check
No phones & newspapers - check
Not looking for typical hotels - check
Friendly Budget - check
Group of friends / family and loads of fun - check

If you are looking for all of the above options then Coorg is the place to be. Though there are quite a few options in Coorg, this blog draws from my stay in one of the resort called Evergreen County. They had customised a 2 Nights and 3 Days stay for us.

Before proceeding further on the blog is it suggested that such a trip be made in a group of at least 4-5 people. There are a lot of activities there which probably would be no fun if you are travelling solo or as a couple.

How did we reach there. The package offered by the resort included picking us up from Bengaluru (from where we were starting) and dropping us back. Oh..also sight seeing was included on route at no extra cost. Package also included breakfast and dinner.

We reached the resort around 7:00 PM was pitch dark by then. We were shown our cottages. It was a 2 storeyed cottage made of bamboo. Three beds on the ground floor and a mattresses on the top floor which could easily accommodate 5 people. As I said before this is a place meant to be visited in groups so be ready to stay dorm style. But when you are in the company of some really good people or probably meeting someone after a long time sleep is the last thing on your mind and one usually welcomes the dorm experience. What about bathrooms??? There were two bathrooms with the cottage and yes it was clean.

If you want to get slightly more adventurous they can also arrange for tents by a river bank for you. This would be a seasonal option and was not a part of our package.

There is also a tree house with the cottage in case someone is looking for privacy.

Bags dropped and freshened up we were taken for a night walk at the coffee plantation there. Our source of light for the night not torches but good old fashioned lanterns (told you this was going to be adventurous). The guide showed showed us and told us about some of the vegetation present there. When you visit there make sure to remember them. Will definitely come handy later on. We were also showed a Haunted House, but no ghosts came to visit us.

This was followed by a nice bonfire. If you are planning to drink make sure you carry your own booze as none is available in the resort.

Next day started with with a open air jeep drive around the area followed by a small trek to a waterfall. Post lunch we visited the town of Coorg. Basically enjoying each other’s company without a worry in the world.

Day three was interesting. Involved a lot of games which included shooting, darts, zip lining followed by a treasure hunt. And then we were off to Bengaluru.

There are certain things I have kept out of the blog. Things that would be a good surprise. Things that should be experienced first hand. So did not want to spoil the fun by writing about them.