The final chapter of Marvel’s phase four has finally hit theaters. Yes, I’m referring to Avengers: Infinity War. It is the most awaited movie of the Marvel Cinematic Universe till date. Its recent achievement being passing ‘Star Wars: Force Awakens’ with a Record $258 million U.S.D and also $641 million globally- now crowned the biggest opening ever globally making $100 million more than the previous record holder. The movie features 76 Marvel movie characters. The movie is the culmination of the 10 years of the MCU storytelling on the big screen.

We all know how it all started with the first Iron Man Movie with Robert Downey Jr. playing Tony Stark. 10 years later Robert is much like the father of the MCU and is rightly given the biggest story arc in the Infinity War. Though this movie directed by Joe Russo and Anthony Russo is unlike any other movie ever created. It introduces the much-anticipated entry of the big bad of the movie- Thanos. Thanos referred as the Mad Titan in the comics is the portrayed as the main antagonist of the movie. Though the movie focusses much on Thanos and his desire to wipe out half the life in the universe. The proposition of humanizing someone promoting genocide might be hard to imagine but the Russo brothers add depth to Thanos. Josh Brolin as Thanos definitely was exemplary and was the best suited for the job. The CG effects and motion capture is amazing and how even the slightest of smirks by Josh Brolin is seen after post production. The CG created ten-foot-tall villain looks larger than life and real at the same time. The movie is basically a heist film where Thanos and his Black Order set to claim the six Infinity Stones. These stones as described in previous marvel movies hold limitless power which is also the reason Thanos is after them. The heroes of Earth have to come together to stop the threat of Thanos. Each one of the stones is used at least once in the movie so the viewer knows the actual strength of each on the stones. 

The pairings in this movie are incredible. Since there were 76 characters in this movie, the directors needed to get the combinations right. The action scenes were unique to the film since each character in the movie has unique power sets and their amalgamation on the big screen has never been done before.

The Guardians and Thor seemed like a match made in heaven. Thor had the best punch lines while Drax got some giggles with his awkward comedy. Chris Pratt's Star Lord and Gamora's relationship deepened in this movie unlike the previous Guardians Movies where it wasn't much developed. Though teenage Groot was a let-down. We also saw a performance of Peter Dinklage which was quite undermining. The second pairing saw the two Sherlocks clashing with Tom Holland’s Spiderman being sandwiched between them. Robert Downey Jr. and Benedict Cumberbatch’s chemistry on stage was flawless as we saw their power sets colliding as well as their egos. Tom is more like us viewers marvelling like a fanboy around the two heavy weights swinging around with a bunch of pop culture references. 

The third pairing is of Team Captain America with The Black Panther. It was an incredible scene to watch The Captain and The Black Panther race it out against the forces of Thanos while leading the others. It showed that both of them were committed to the cause more than anyone and they lead an example from the front. Chris Evans features a new beard while The Black Widow is a blonde in this movie. The fight scenes and their choreography were jaw-dropping like the ones with Steve, Natasha and Sam Wilson (aka Falcon) teaming up against the Black Order.

One of the weak points of the movie seemed to be the idea that it was way too cramped up with the weight of 76 characters weighing down heavily on the direction. But the Russo Brothers did pull this one out like a bunny out of a hat as they emphasized on the bigger story not denying each character his/her major moment. The Vision who held the mind stone in his forehead was shown way too fragile. He is one of the strongest Avengers and throughout the movie we saw countless people saving his life and Vision not stepping up for himself. He seemed much like the Damsel in distress throughout the movie. Though the relationship between Scarlett Witch and The Vision is explored deeply in this movie giving more depth to both their story arcs. The other negative about the movie is that it somewhat neglected the Black Panther characters. They were the ones with the least screen time and they could have provided much more to the entire substance of the movie. Also, the movie sees Thor mourn for a new hammer to defeat Thanos which completely negates his character development in Thor: Ragnarok in which he came to the self-realization that his true power came from within and he didn’t need to rely on his hammer to win his battles. 

The movie is filled with Easter eggs and references to dialogues and scenes in previous Marvel Cinematic Universe Movies. It had a tough task of doing justice to each of its 76 characters. The Russo Brothers definitely knocked this one out of the park. The movie needs you to go with an empty mind and soak the events of Infinity War like a sponge. Marvel generally fails to create good villains as Kevin Feige stating that they like to tell the stories of the heroes more than the villains. But I can definitely say that Thanos is the best villain created by Marvel after Tom Hiddleston’s Loki- The God of Mischief. The trailers have been very misleading thus leaving the viewer in awe as though watching the story unfold like the first time as all the culmination of the trailers is only 5 mins of the footage of the entire movie which is 2 hours and 40 minutes long. A big tub of popcorn is advisable and since the entire movie is shot in IMAX 3D it is but obvious to go 3D for this flick. 

The story has a barrage of twists and turns until the final tale unwinds before the viewers. The movie might have its flaws like other MCU movies but it does leave you in awe and hungry. Hungry for the next Avengers Movie next year. A single viewing surely won’t do it justice!