Millions of people are using AOL mail account for doing day to day personal or professional mails. But do you know how secure is your mail account? If you want to experience a better and secure way to read, write and send emails to communicate, Install AOL Gold as it will provide you dozens of features to enjoy it. The best thing is you can access your mail account without opening browser.
You can enhance your AOL mail account in a better way by using AOL Desktop Gold. It will give you a positive feature to send a notification when you receive an important email. Secondly, it also supports two-step verification which ensures that your account isn’t compromised by any unwanted users.

AOL Desktop Gold Download:
You may face error while downloading AOL Desktop Gold, but you need not to worry about it, as our highly skilled and experienced technical support team are always available to help you.
Premium security features: This will help you to avoid hacking your AOL mail account.
Automatic updates: It's a auto update system, so you need not to spend time updating the new version.
AOL desktop gold download 11.2.6 or higher versions: – Learn here all the fundamentals for downloading AOL desktop gold and learning AOL gold installation procedure.

So follow the given steps to Install AOL Desktop Gold, to avoid any risk, as you can take the advantage of using it in any Windows 7, 8, 10 or Mac OS:

1- Download the software from here.
2- Open Downloads folder and double click on Installer.
3- Allow Administrator Privelleges.
4- Click on Install Now button.
5- Complete all the installation steps.
6- You’ll see AOL Desktop Gold icon on desktop.
7- Double click on the icon and start using AOL Desktop Gold.

You can even make AOL Desktop Gold your default Mail Client. This is very important as it ensures that all the E-Mail address you clicked will open with the AOL application.

1- Open AOL Desktop Gold and login your account
2- Click on the Settings option and select general tab. Now choose Make AOL My Default Mail Client.
3- A new popup window will appear, you can select AOL Desktop gold from the list.
4- Apply the changes.

The above mentioned are the steps you can follow to Install AOL Gold. If you are still getting issues with the installation or any other issues you can contact our experts at +1(866) 257-5356. our best technicians are 24*7 available to help you to sort issues.