Students on the verge of approaching exams need a power nap.It is a potent tool which every student should embrace and make it a part of their revision plan.The grey cells of the human brain do not function well with over use, so it is a must to give these cells some rest.A power nap helps to rejuvenate the body and the grey cell functioning goes on properly without the brain getting clogged.

Power Nap- for a quick  boost of alertness 20 minutes of sleep in the day is sufficient to refresh students during exam time.

During this period a student should lie down in a dark room, close his eyes,steer the mind away from unnecessary thoughts,listen to music and just relax. You can drift into a little sleep but a quick cat nap not a deep slumber. Set a timer for 20 minutes and then get up fresh.

Benefits of a power nap-

1 It helps to refresh the body ,brain, increase alertness and promote a positive frame of mind.This will improve concentration of mind and study attitude.

2 When mind and body relaxes, stress is reduced

3 It will help boost cognitive functions and will help the the brain to absorb more information

When to take a power nap-

A power nap at the end of the morning after 3-4 hours of study without breaks is ideal for a student. This will help a student retain the information and sharpen his focus on studies. A power nap immediately after lunch is not recommended as it can turn into deep sleep and become a siesta. Students preparing for exams should take  it as soon as they return from classes to perform better.

Power naps help students of all ages to focus on study,prevent revision burnout and help the brain and body to function well.