"Hello everyone. This is Mr.Xxxx, owner of whatsapp. Forward this text to 20 people within tonight. Or else, you will be charged heavily for using whatsapp". (Note that word, 'heavily'.) Heard it somewhere right??

 No, monthly once someone would be forwarding this kind of messages in your inbox. Not just this, there are varieties of such messages that are made with an intention of testing our patience and intelligence. To name, here are a few of them.

1. "A Real human being will not ignore this message. "

Oh, there seems to be a difference between humans and real humans. (Clap clap). If I ignore this message accidentally, please don't send me out of the class of humans. (Please....)

2. "A person in the big hills of great Antarctica ignored this message. He is suffering 10 years of bad luck. Don't do the same.

Which means i had a very good luck, fortune and everything till date. Let it be, i don't bother. (Slightly scared though)

3. "50000 vacancies. Salary: 40000- 75000. Educational qualification: Tenth/Twelfth(Pass/fail!!). Contact this number immediately."

I regret the reason behind opting for a degree. You see, starting salary is 40,000 for Tenth fail. (Deep sigh)

4. "You will definitely fail in this exam if you ignore this message/God's picture."

So not me, but these forward messages are the reason why many people have countless backlogs. (Stop studying, start forwarding)

5. "Choose one among these ten words to describe my character. If four people choose the same, then that is your character."

If the creator of this message was a fool , then all those who forward it are no less than it. (Ask a question, decide your character!!)

6. "Share till this message reaches central and state governments, let us make a new change."

Wow!! If the message reaches, we could witness a tremendous change, right? (No elections and leaders, let's make history through forwards)

7. Life rules, instructions on how to dress, serious warnings like the end of world, earth and long fake messages like 'xxxx drink is mixed with HIV patient's blood' and so on with a note MUST READ.

8. "Must reply. Choose any number from 1-10. A dare is awaiting you."

And you get tricky and nonsense sentences to post as whatsapp status.

Anything that comes free always gets misused. These messages are still being believed by many people thus initiating a never ending chain of these forwards.

Making the rules still more stricter and keeping a close check to differentiate the real and fake messages would be of great use. And recent steps taken towards it are starting to yield fruitful results.

Not just messages, let's start moving forward too.