Megha's act of courage has helped to get her molester behind bars.She had gone from New-Delhi to Gurgaon to visit her friend .After spending time with the friend she decided to head back home by the metro.She got into the general compartment and had to change her station at the Rajiv Chowk Metro Station but she couldn't alight as a sea of passengers entered when the doors opened,blocking her way.She decided on alighting at the next station and positioned herself near the exit but before she knew,she found a man sexually molesting her.She raised her voice,no one came to her aid.The man tried to escape   but she went after him raising an alarm.The cops came and joined in the chase,nabbed him and only after she filed an F.I.R did they put him behind the bars and soon  he was sent to Tihar jail.She mustered courage to get her molester punished,a brave act.