I have attended a lot of weddings during one's in my extended family and I have noticed an interesting thing there . Few days ago I went to attend a wedding , as I was having dinner the bride was making her entrance and suddenly she fell as she was about to cross me . I helped her to stand up suddenly her relatives came to check on her and know what the hell happened . She told them that she is having difficulty walking because her lehenga is too heavy and as she it is draining her energy . She told them she is not walking unless someone give her a helping hand regarding this matter and that's when I first saw 6 people including the bride holding her lehenga so she can complete her entrance , get married which will start a new chapter in her life . I saw the same thing in other wedding's and in one of them the bride somehow made her entrance but when she had to stand up for pheras she was to do so in the end few people had to help her to get up . When she started talking pheras she started to stumble after few steps and the reason was the same heavy lehenga , one of her relative's hold her lehenga so she can complete pheras . In another wedding a girl fell of the stage due to heavy lehenga when was trying to come down from the stage by using stairs . After so many incidents girls still perfer heavy lehenga to wear on their special day which further creates problem for them . I guess some people never learn .