Following the Sushant Singh Rajput's case we all have been exposed to a scenario wherein 'Love' is painted as the culprit. 

Social media has been alleging innumerable accusations about the role of his gf in his suicide. From Gold digger to Manipulator she has been on a harrowing media trial. I don't know whether she is guilty or not, let the courts decide that but this case has opened our eyes to the unnecessary glorification of love that has been done since forever. We all have been exposed to an idea of love which is far from the reality. We all are made to believe that love is heaven and so most of the people do not exercise caution while falling in love. 

'Pyar andha hota hai', this literally becomes a reality for a person falling in love. 

Now let me ask you a question. Have you ever fallen in love? 

It's difficult not to. In the end we all fall, some swim in shallow waters wherein others plunge down deeper. Love has always been the hero be it books, literature, music, media, movies ; love has been glorified everywhere. It is been presented like a rose, beautiful! But we all fail to talk about the thorns that it accompanies. 

People falling in love would vouch for the reality that it is capable of literally changing their lives. Majority of the love ends on a tragic note causing personal/ professional losses or psychological/physical trauma. I am not saying that I am anti-love, but I believe its time that we stop glorifying love unnecessary. We should start talking about realistic love because the fancy love that we have been fed daily via various social media platforms doesn't exist. 

In real life, love comes with a lot of responsibility.

 Responsibility to care, to trust, to understand, to be patient, to support, to endure, to help, to grow, to respect, to honor commitments, to believe, to listen and most importantly to forgive. Real love is more than just an ' I love you '. 

Fall in love only and only when you are willing to be responsible. It's not very humane to destroy someone's life in the name of love. It's not very kind to falsely play with someone's feeling just for the sake of money or materialistic gains. It's not very right to show false dreams to someone with an intention to get them in your life. 

Having said that I would also like to place on records that it's not wrong to fall in love but when doing so it's necessary to exercise caution. Don't blindly fall for a wrong person. Keep your eyes, ears and mind open to suspicion. Don't keep overlooking their flaws, don't keep giving them benefit of doubts, don't keep forgiving them always and more importantly don't lose yourself in the process of loving someone.