Fixing the “You Are Not Eligible to Create A Username” Error

If you are a user who is dealing with the problem of this Facebook page isn't eligible to have a username then it must be a serious problem as in this modern age social media times usernames have become very important as well as an essential part of our lives.

We care about our users that are why we have prepared this blog where we will solve the problem which you are facing and dealing as usernames are basically the names that represent you online and if you will not have a username then it more or less means that you do not have a name on social media.

Reasons which are causing the problem which you are facing –

  1. Here the problem might lie if you are trying to take a username that has already been taken.
  2. If your username is either too short or too long then also you will not be able to use that username.
  3. You must also fulfill Facebook page username eligibility.

Solutions for the problems you are facing –

  1. Open Facebook and then you can move to the settings option of your device.
  2. Now select the page roles and then followed by this you can click on the edit button.
  3. After you have clicked on the edit button you can set the Facebook page username which you want to for your page.
  4. And make sure to set a username that would be liked by the viewers and to other people also.

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