The main aim of this nonprofit organization is to provide home health care and hospice for persons who are physically and emotionally unwell and need constant medical attention. The medical staff at the residences undertakes all medical treatments that can help patients recover swiftly. When a patient comes to the residences, it is the duty of the staff to refer him/her to an approved medical doctor for further treatment.

The most common problem encountered by the residents of the homes is depression. This is aggravated by the loneliness and stress that the patients have to go through. However, there are methods to tackle these problems. The medical staff offers therapy classes for the patients and their families, which help them in dealing with the problems faced by the mentally ill and in reducing the stress levels of the patients.

The aim of the home care program is to take the best care of the patients' needs. In addition, they also try to help the patients to cope up with daily situations and also to improve their health. Aspire Home Care and Hospice is committed to providing quality services to its home care patients and also takes care of their families.

The home care services provided by this organization offer a wide variety of services like, occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy, occupational and speech therapy, cognitive therapy, psychotherapy, drug abuse and counseling. These services are offered on an individual basis to meet the needs of the patients. 

The care services offered by them also incorporate crisis management and case management in order to make the patients more comfortable. The goal of the organization is to ensure that each resident has quality care and proper follow-up care services so that the resident does not feel isolated or neglected.

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