Tax Authorities in India ask businesses to maintain proper records of all the Income and expenses and then submit to them summarized statement on yearly basis. They can later on ask for details of summary statement any time if they require so.

Apart from taxes and legal requirements, proper record and book keeping also helps you to ascertain profitability of business, cash flow situation and take suitable action. The success rate of any business majorly depends on how its accounts are being managed. Business can see where the money is coming from, where money going out, how much due from which party, how much to be paid and then find ways to improve and controlling.

In India certain set of standards are prescribed for book keeping. Book keeping can be maintained thru any software or manually. Manual records require lot of time and effort and it is not feasible due to time constraint even for small businesses. Further Many small businesses cannot afford to hire a full-time accountant or invest in software for accounting if they adopt accounting with any software. It is also not feasible to small businesses to invest in their own server to keep records and safeguard it for future.

As small business entrepreneur or startup, you must devote considerable time in your core business development like advertising your organization, introduction new items or services, improving processes, amongst others. This will leave with you very less time to maintain a record of your finances, invoice your clients, put together annual financial reports and remain on top of your taxes. You may have to prepare taxes on time, or perhaps handle your employees' payroll as well as proper book keeping and accounts of daily transacytions. 

This is where our small business accounting services come in handy. We as team of provide services of Accounting and Book Keeping in timely and professional manner with cost effectiveness. Our services are offered online and hassle free.  So, it really does not matter where you are located.  You can benefit from our services. We have a trained staff with supervision of senior team of CAs and CS.

Our professional bookkeepers ensure that your financial statements are accurate every single month and day. It also gives you an exact idea of your financial progress and helps you to make better and well-informed decisions related to your business. Further supervision of bookkeepers is done with team of CAs who give them necessary guidance and training so that Taxation requirement also fulfilled. 

Some Key Benefits of choosing as your Online Bookkeeping Service provider are availability of support team 24X7, Cost Saving, Security, One Umbrella Solution and many more. Businesses can focus on their core areas like operation management and business development part, rest of it related to Accounts. Statutory Obligation, day to day MIS reports is done by service provider. An effective book keeping system save lot of money for businesses.

Any time you work with Ca4you, you will have peace of mind realizing that your finances are in safe hands. We genuinely value the objectives of our each and every small business client and are continually seeking revolutionary methods to preserve resources, scale down tax obligations, and at all times keep your company running seamlessly. We spend time in comprehending all we can regard how your business works on a daily basis, and then we plan accounting and bookkeeping services around your specific requirement

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