Are you a learner driver or thinking to learn how to drive. Then you probably be thinking what legal implications would i have if i get into an accident.

Well here are some important tips that you should keep in mind

1- Stay calm

well most of the people while driving for the first time are very nervous. They are thinking, that what if the ar loses control or what if i couldn't handle it, well thats normal and everybody have these thoughts. But remember every pro was also once a beginner. so don't worry.

2- Stay positive

don't let negative thoughts take over your mind. Just think positive that you are going to do great.

Now let me tell you that what should you do if you get into an accident

1- Tell the officer that you are a learner

Well the police officer might ask you questions but by telling that you are a learner they might let you go free as law relaxes a learner a little bit

2- You mught have to pay damages

Well if the damages caused to the other car are more than you have to compensate that damage and you have to pay for that damages

3-You might get into jail

If by your driving you have killed a human or an animal you might get into jail, but the liability shifts to the instructor who was with you, and you can be free by paying damages. so always remember that if you are driving as a learner always have an instructor with you

But there was a rare case of Nettleship V Weston. in which thr learner driver was also jailed, because she insisted her friend to teach her how to drive and her friend accepted on a condition that if you are insured i will let you drive but she wasn't so the courts found her gulity and put her behind bars


But nothing is to worry about these accidents happen and the above case is a very rare one. Just drive safely and always have an experienced instructor with you.

I hope you like the article