Due to various factors, Gmail sometimes stops receiving emails. We understand that it could be the most frustrating situation for you. Here we will be discussing the reasons why you experience Gmail not receiving emails issue and how you can fix it.

Why does Gmail Not Receiving Emails Issue Occur?

Before knowing the reasons for Gmail not receiving emails issue, make sure there is no Gmail server outage problem. Once you know there is no server downtime error, find out the cause for the issue and how you can resolve them.

No Internet Connection

Your Gmail will not receive any emails if you have a weak or no internet connection. So, check if your internet is working properly or not. If there is an internet issue, contact your Internet Service Provider right now to fix the issue!

Faulty Browser

The faulty or outdated browser can also be responsible for your Gmail not receiving emails. So, before logging in to your Gmail account, make sure you are using the updated version of your browser. Also, you can improve the performance of your browser by clearing the browser history and cookies.

Incorrect Filter Settings

Your emails might not reach your inbox and may land in the wrong folder due to filter settings. So, check your filter settings if you have set any. If required, remove the filter settings. After removing, check if your Gmail is now receiving the emails. Moreover, also ensure your Mail Forwarding option is turned off.

Spam Folder

Your emails may get marked as Spam. So, if you can’t find your emails in your Gmail inbox, check your Spam folder. Probably your emails are lying there. If you find your emails in the Spam folder, you can move them to your inbox.

Hopefully, your Gmail not receiving emails problem is fixed now! Moreover, if you are not receiving emails because you have lost access to your Gmail account due to forgetting your password, reset it from the Google Account Recovery page.