Grand openings are significant celebrations to celebrate the beginning of a new business chapter. 

While attending the ceremony is a sweet gesture of showing your support, sending stunning official opening flowers in Singapore to the venue may convey your best wishes and also brighten up the party venue.

While selecting a congratulatory floral stand might seem quite simple as A-B-C, there are also multiple ways to make the wrong impression. 

As you don’t want to convey the wrong message, ensure to follow our tips to the end.

Find out flower meanings and metaphor

Before purchasing a congratulatory flowers stand, it would be a great idea to know what each flower signifies. Only then can you select the perfect congratulatory flowers that stand out and modify your gift according to your needs. 

Let’s look at certain flowers that are frequently a part of the traditional congratulatory floral stand. Along with it, we will also pinpoint what each flower signifies, so that you can make the perfect purchasing decision.


Eustomas are energetic - one thing that is for sure is that they are quite enticing. Apart from that, they signify happiness and togetherness. The presence of the Eustomas in the congratulatory floral stand not only adds to the aesthetics but also regulates some much-needed positive notions.


If the event is being attended by very significant persons or VIPs and you want to respect and honor them, then ensure that peonies present in the flowers stand. 

They are not only mesmerizing but frequently used to honor others. 

Making them a part of the flower stand will surely signify respect and gratitude.


Also known as buttercupRanunculus flowers shower delicacy, and amazement. They denote virtue and gracefulness. Try mixing warm colors like red, pink, and orange to get an alluring opening floral stand.


When you’re purchasing a lavish opening flower stand, it would be better to add sunflowers that can eliminate evil eyes. They are the finest flowers to add to your congratulatory floral bouquet or stand as they are attractive and carry a light but fragrant smell.


Pink and yellow tulips are another great inclusion to your congratulatory floral stand. Yellow tulips signify cheerfulness. On the other hand, pink tulips signify confidence and contentment. Both these make the finest selection when looking to send a mixed color flower stand.

Consider taboo colors and flowers

While sending a floral hamper delivery in Singapore, you must know that a few flowers and colors should be strictly neglected, especially when it comes to a grand opening flower stand.

In fact, they will denote negative sentiments, so you must avoid such stands that include white roses, white lilies, and chrysanthemums. 

Frequently, such flowers are utilized for sad events like funerals, or to express condolences. Thus, mostly superstitious people don’t prefer sending them on auspicious occasions. 

To avoid such negative vibes, avoid conventional colors like white and conventional flowers too. Rather, stick to bright colors and jubilant flowers.

Decide on the arrangement

The finest way to utilize flowers stands is to poise the venue with multiple flowers stands. To do so, you have to choose a perfect floral arrangement.

The objective is to improve the gracefulness of the space with such stands. However, putting too many of such stands may create a mess. You have to go over the monotony without stereotyping the flowers stands.

Look for the most reliable online florists and inform them about the event and ask for their suggestions. 

Are you looking for a unique opening floral stand?

If the answer is “yes”, online flower hamper delivery services in Singapore can lend a helping hand. Just reach out to them and they will take into account the size and the type of venue and organize the flowers stand accordingly. Not only that, but they will also help you choose the finest flowers and making the overall stand aesthetically charming.