If you are currently a digital artist or training to become one, then you would know that the right device can make a difference in the quality of your work. The visual features, user-friendliness, and processing capacity, including storage, are vital things you should look for when buying a Chromebook for your home.

Look at these three options to buy one for yourself. In this article, we will discuss the top 3 Chromebooks, which are the best Chromebooks for artists available in the market.

Acer Chromebook R 11

The Acer Chromebook R11 runs on the Google OS. It includes automatic updates so that you never need to worry about installing updates and experiencing a slowdown in your speed. Moreover, the system gets up and running within seconds and maintains a high speed consistently. 

It is fitted with an N3060 processor, which is a dual-core design that has a 2.48 GHz frequency, which is among the best in the industry. You also get a high-quality touchscreen that comes with a 10-point feature and measures 11.6 inches. While this is not the most comprehensive screen, it is adequate for producing good quality professional artwork. 

The battery life extends to 10 hours once the device is fully charged. It also comes with Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity, which allows you to share image files easily with your colleagues and clients without the need for a USB device or other external storage.

Lenovo 2019 Chromebook

If you prefer a device that gives you proper resolution, excellent viewing options, and a fast processor, then you should look no further than this fantastic Chromebook. Designed to give you the advantages of a small-scale laptop, this device operates on a MediaTek Quad-Core processor with 1.3 GHz frequency. You also get a high boost speed that makes your device ready for use within seconds. 

The memory and storage capacity is another plus point of this device. You get 4GB of internal storage, which few other devices can offer. You will also benefit from the webcam that lets you connect to clients and have real-time discussions with them about the status of your project and showing samples to them. 

It also comes with a headphone and microphone jack that can help you to have online meetings with clients very easily and without any hassle. 

Samsung 11 6” Chromebook with Intel N3060

As its name suggests, the Samsung 11 6” Chromebook contains the Intel N3060 system, which is an excellent processor for artists since it offers high speed and processing capacity. Artists require a highly responsive system, which is exactly what this device offers. 

Your pictures will look simply beautiful when you watch it on the 1266 x 768 high definition resolution screen. The LED backlighting on the screen further enhances the quality of your images. The device comes with 4GB internal and 16GB external memory along with Bluetooth connectivity for secure file transfer.

It also has the Intel HD Graphics 400 feature that leaves you with excellent quality graphics tools at your disposal. With the Google Chrome operating system, you will also enjoy access to design apps from the Google App Store. 

Depending on your needs and desired functionality, choose from these three exciting Chromebooks as the perfect investment for your design career.