As a professionally trained and qualified best astrologer in Dubai, Astrologer Shiv draws up a birth chart (or horoscope) which is completely unique to you. A birth-chart is a map of the sky based upon exactly when and where you were born, so it is unlikely that anyone has the same birth-chart as you. This map shows which signs of the zodiac each of the planets was in, which areas of the sky they were in, and how the planets link up with each other. The positions of the planets, and their relationships with each other, give the astrologer a tremendous amount of detailed information about you. A birth-chart describes not just what you are like as a person, but more helpfully, why you are like you are; and if you are experiencing problems or blocks in your life, the chart will describe why this is, and the various options available to you to change your life for the good if you want to.pandit Shiv is a professionally trained astrologer & qualified best astrologer in Dubai,get solution to love,family,relationship & removing negative energy

Astrology can be used to help you to understand yourself at a deeper level. It can describe psychological patterns at work in your life and can explore these patterns or cycles for the current year, or for any year in the past or future that you want to look at. Armed with this knowledge about yourself, you will be better equipped to make important life decisions and generally to make the most of opportunities that come your way.