Can there be anything I could do to boost my gear? I would also be interested in going in a little team (2-3) since I have never been before. If you would want to go with me I would love the company. I gave up in my target for 99 Agility. However, here's what I did and also the probably a fantastic method to get this up. 1-30 Gnome Powerful Hold (Optionally stay here until 35.) 30-35 Agility Pyramid (Optionally remain here until 40 or 52). 35-40/52 - Barbarian Agility Course.

At 40 You can perform Brimhaven (I hate it and it is bothersome ) or RuneScape gold you may go till 52 in Barb. Until 52 it will be HELL. You will average 9-12k in Gnome/Barb. At 52 it will find A LOT better. 52-60 Willderness Agility Course. 80/85 - 90 Barbarian Advanced. You can either stick to Barb Adv into 99 or visit Ape Atoll after getting your Agile Armour. Your telephone. There both practically the same exp. Good Luck, this'll be a hard one.

Hello everyone, I'm thinking about attempting to complete the fight caves this weekend. I am not certain exactly what to have in my inventory when I try this. I'm really not sure about this stock, because I have low prayer, If I take a off a Range pot and add a different brew or restore? And which pot helps prayer more? Brews or Restores? Please give me your comments about what to trade, change and switch in my stock and armor selections.

Alright, so as a"veteran" participant in this game, I should know better but alas, I need some help in range. It is 72 and I want to raise to 80 (or 85). I'm not picking up any arrows and I plan on just being autoattacked. I understand people will indicate Moss Giants possibly for the big bones, but I must research, and my method of training is letting my account train while I study/do homework.)

What if I wear while coaching? Obviously portions of green d'hide, but then I see a few folks with rune helms and platelegs together with the d'hide. I only want to know which combination provides the best bonus + the pros/cons. What arrows should I equip? Straightforward. Iron or Steel. My budget atm is limited to 300k, but with that said I don't wish to spend SO much on arrows since I don't intend on choosing up the arrows.

Anything else which could help me? Straight forward question: Any suggestions? Anything to make the training move quicker? Yeah, only 8-13 levels but I have limited time to train (this spring fracture ) Yeah, therefore react, even if your information sounds mediocre because everything can assist, lawls. Oh also, I'm curious to Best OSRS Gold site how long it might take me; obviously you guys don't know for certain, but estimates could be helpful. Thanks.