The protestors carrying placard were shouting; we don’t need CAB, buskaro, buskaro. Some citizens felt relieved; if this happens, there will be more buses, and traffic will ease up. They soon realized that the protest was not about Uber or Ola cabs but Citizenship Access Bill.

In the underworld, the Don chuckled with delight and commented, “more lambs for the slaughter.” The business of selling fake jobs online was flourishing. No need for a business plan, incubation, or state subsidy. Occasional greasing was all that was required. The catchword 3 Ps helped: partnership with police and politicians.

At the Khan market in the think tank office, the young presenter reeled out statistics. Three million in Pakistan and 17 Million in Bangladesh is the estimate of Hindus in these countries, and in Afganistan, it is a negligible number. How many of them can we expect to come to India? The bigger worry is that the better-qualified ones will go Westward, and only the low category job seekers will enter India. Will they find jobs here? What was the bluster all about, the think tank was wondering. The head observed that over a decade, let us say 1 million enter India, but by that time, India would have become a nation of 1500 million. The numbers per se does not make any sense, but it is all about the posture the ruling party wants us, citizens, to believe.

At the ISI den, the Major was commenting that RAW has already caught on to our game. But the Brigadier said never mind we send our brothers and sisters in the garb of Hindus. They don’t strip search the men there to see if they are beef eaters or not. Just ensure that documentation is pukka. We will make the CAB boomerang on them.

At the Pakistan Hindu Council, the President was expressing concern about the repercussions that the CAB would bring upon them. He said, “the Bill would render us voiceless. If I had a vote, I would Veto the bill.” Across several thousand kilometers in Bangladesh, the Banga Sena leader told his brethren ‘Brace up for a warlike scenario because of the Bill they have introduced in the parliament. The majority would tell us to cross over if we talk about our rights anymore.”

In the August lower house of the parliament lot of rabble-rousing speeches got made. In spite of the harsh Delhi winter, it raised some heat. If ShahenShah noted, it is right, who can say it is wrong? In their party, they followed the pied pipers. The Smithis, Malinis, and Sithas were little apprehensive about safety issues this Bill might bring in the already overcrowded metros. But they knew Shahenshah would shoot them down. The minions of the bluster party said wholesale yes to the bill. It was not for them to know one’s onions about the Bill. The Harward educated, out of prison, liberal, said that this bill was divisive and yet another diversion from the Roti Aur Makaan issue. Another scholarly politician sash’a’yed with words as he described the Bill as scummy. The speaker was not sure if the word is to be expunged or not. Even the translator with the aid of google was finding it challenging to find meanings whenever this politician talked. Eventually, all of it was a number game, and the debate was a mere show in the theatre of the parliament. The media fell hook line and sinker yet again. The destiny’s child, who was in a campaign mode in an eastern state yet again smiled and scratched his beard as he heard, received the message from his deputy. Arnab went unstymied in his decibel verbosity.

Elsewhere the English teacher was concluding her class with a quote from Shakespeare “All the world’s a stage and all the men and women merely players.” She added, “ in the next class, we shall discuss the play Much Ado About Nothing.”

In the same school, the physics teacher was concluding his lecture about Newton’s law, which stated that for every action, there would be equal and opposite reaction. He prayed to God that this time, this law get proved wrong as he was thinking about his Hindu relatives across the border.