Lawyers in Lahore Pakistan and Their Responsibilities:

Lawyers in Lahore Pakistan has a very special responsibility in giving guidance through speeches, letters to the press; not hot-air talk at bar associations of Advocates in Lahore Pakistan about how wonderful we are –but guidance, and illumination on public issues. There are no short cuts to any of these things. You must exercise citizenship in the way which it comes to you to exercise it. If you really know what you are talking about, people will listen."A well known French-man Jean Monet once said to Mr. Justice Frankfurter; "Will you please explain to me why the men whom I regard as the most effective, the most fruitful, and the most creative are lawyers?" He told Monnet the reason that was so because, on the whole, the training of the lawyer was to great degree training in disinterested analysis not true to such degree in any other profession. To see one side of a problem is easy. Almost everybody can do that. To see at least two, and as is often required more than two sides, takes a special training found only in the legal profession by Lawyers in Lahore Pakistan."The Bar still has and must always continue to have attractions.

Qualities of the Good Lawyer:

The Bar does not, indeed hold out promise of great wealth but it has distinctions and adequate means in store for those who bring to its pursuit the necessary qualities of mind and of character. What are those qualities? It is still, to a large extent, true to say that if a youth exhibits talent which shows itself in smartness and facility of speech, such a youth is destined for the Bar. Herein grievous mistakes are often made. All talent is not necessarily talent adopted for success at the Bar, nor is glibness of speech any guarantee of success at it. No more Common mistake is made than to confound facility of speech with capacity to speak.

Justification for the humanity is the first responsibility:

The world is full of men who have nothing to say and say it with ease and even with grace and even with what sometimes passes for eloquence, but I have never known, any man, said the Lord Chief Justice of England, who had something to say which was worth saying, who whatever his difficulties of utterance or natural poverty of language may have been, has not been able to say that something forcibly and well. I have never known a man with suitable natural gifts accompanied by industrious patience who has not had his opportunity at the Bar, and his success. He may indeed, have to wait but he will not wait in vain.""What then are the considerations which ought to determine the choice of the Bar as a profession? I name love of the profession as the first consideration. I name physical health and energy as the second.

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No man of weak health ought to be advised to go to the Bar of Advocates in Lahore Pakistan. Its pursuit involves long hours of close confinement, often under unhealthy conditions; and the instances of long continued success at the bar and of lengthened usefulness on the bench in the case of men of weak physique are few and far between. The only two men of weak physique within my own experience (extending considerably beyond a quarter of century) who achieved marked success were the late Sir George Mellish and the late Lord Cairns. Both were exceptionally able men, but each labored under the disadvantage of a weak constitution, and the premature death in the case of both of them deprived the world of the prolonged advantage of two minds of the highest judicial character & lawyers in Lahore Pakistan are the best in the world.

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