Intercourse is an indispensable part of human life which occupies the mind of all the males, irrespective of their age or social strata. All men love talking about sex and want to succumb to this temptation. But there are several occasions when physical inability doesn’t allow them to indulge in intercourse. One such important physical inability which curtails love making activity and makes men helpless in front of their bed partner is erectile dysfunction. Males suffering from this condition struggle to attain and sustain an erection for normal intercourse and for the sexual satisfaction of their female partner.

At the age of 18, everything seems to be in favour of the male. He engages in intercourse at his own will and doesn’t bother about the quality or the duration of the erection. But as time passes by, his body starts showing signs of weakness. He gets into the trap of erectile dysfunction, thereby, putting an end to romance, love, intimacy and passion in a relationship.

Several relationships have turned sour, marriages have been wrecked and lives have been shattered due to poor erection quality of males. In order to offer a new lease of life to impotent males, Ajanta pharmacy introduced a powerful and budget friendly ED medication called Kamagra. Its primary element Sildenafil Citrate restores the normal supply of blood to the male organ and assures a healthy and long lasting erection for enjoyable love making act.

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