Description :

fildena super active is repeatedly searched as Fildena Super Active 100 mg. It is a medicine belonging to class PDE5 indicators and has Sildenafil Citrate as a major active ingredient. This medical issue can easily be treated by the use of effective medication. One of the most effective medicine devised for the treatment of impotence in men is Fildena Super Active 100mg. You can buy Fildena Super Active 100mg  from online drugstores in the USA. Fildena Super Active 100mg pills is available in different gel caps form that proves to be the best solutions to overcome penile discrepancies from roots.

What is Use :

Fildena super active is known for the treatment of erectile dysfunction(ED).

Men all over the world prefer the drug because of their exceptional qualities.

Moreover, the drug is affordable which makes it even better.

How Does Fildena Super Active work :

Sildenafil Citrate is a phosphodiesterase is an active ingredient in fildena super active capsule which basically works in erectile dysfunction(ED) by increasing blood flow to the penis by relaxing the muscle in penile blood vessels in men. If you want a fast result, you may put the pill under the tongue, when it dissolves by itself, you get a result within 15 minutes.The addiction to this drug was not observed so it may be used for preventive purposes as well. With the activeness of Sildenafil, nitric oxide is released in the body.

How to take Fildena Super Active :

Take fildena at least 30 minutes before the planned sexual intercourse for a lasting playtime of 4 to 5 hours. Only one dose of Fildena super active should be taken per day with a glass of water. No more than one tablet should be taken within 24 hours or else be prepared to see adverse effects.This formula is to be consumed within an hour of planned intercourse and in most case it aids impotent men to get an erection in only half hour of intake.

Side Effects of Fildena Super Active :




Prolonged and Painful Erection



Burning, Numbness, Tingling in the Arms and Feet


Changes in Vision

Sensitivity to Light

Painful Urination

What is Dosage Of Fildena Super Active :

  • Overdose

Immediately call your doctor or reach nearby medical emergency center if you are suspecting the overdose symptoms like Painful erection for longer time, flushing, sleeplessness, etc.

  • Missed Dose

A missed dose of Fildena Super Active should be taken as soon as you retain.Skip the dose if it is the time for the next dose but do not twice the dose for next time.Many doses at the same time can reason fatal effects.

Warning :

In that past you had any kind of surgery done, before taking sildenafil medicine inform your past operation to your doctor. In dependant your doctor a prescirbe a dose of this medicine under by him supervision and optimisation.If your age 65 or near by of 65 at time, do not use fildena super active medicine because it could have more side effects at this stage.

Storage :

Store at room temprature.

Store in a cool and dry place.

Keep all tablet to safe place, where the reach out of childrens and pets.

Always throw pills into drug take back programs, and if fildena super active tablet has in case of short expire do not use. when Fildena super active pills not be use, medicine does not flushed a into lavatory.

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