What is the Role of Email in Marketing

Email marketing refers to the use of email communication in a marketing strategy in order to reach specific business goals. Emails can be used to engage customer engagement, create brand awareness, rewards customer loyalty, generate sales, get more customers, etc. Email marketing helps you in reaching and connecting with your target audiences in a personalized way and to increase sales at an affordable cost. In this article, we are going to discuss the Benefits of Email in Marketing.

Role of Email in Marketing:

The following are some reasons for the importance of email marketing and how it can help your business.

Reach Customers in Real-Time:

When it comes to marketing through email, it is important to reach your customers on time. Nowadays, more customers are using their mobile devices to access not only emails but also other types of media and information. A well-designed email helps in producing higher conversion rates on mobile rather than any other type.

Better Customer Outreach:

Email marketing has a great chance of being seen when compared to other social media updates. This helps in getting the updates where you can miss out on the announcements on your news feeds. Emails can be sent to several users with a few clicks. The users can be able to read all their emails at their own convenience.

Enhances Customer Loyalty:

Email marketing allows you to stay with your customer and website visitors regularly. Buyers can be able to receive up-to-date information with the latest products and promos. It is important to gain the loyalty of your customer for improving your business. It costs five times to get a new customer when compared to retaining an existing customer.

Easy to Maintain:

Email marketing is cost-effective, and it is easier to use and also very cheap to maintain. Many email marketing services are used in simplifying the process which helps in greater automation and customization.

Different Types of Email Marketing Campaigns:

Welcome Messages:

Emails are sent to the clients after online registration and are also used for sales generation and to increase brand awareness. A welcome message works best when combined with a special offer in order to generate customer interest.


Newsletters are very effective for keeping your customers engaged with your brand. This contains an intro, description, and external links with images to inform the customers about the new products and services, important announcements, or any changes in your business that you need to convey to your customers.

Limited Time Offers:

Email marketing is used to target the customers in sales. Emails come with promotional discounts or codes that expire within a certain timeframe. This helps in boosting your customer retention and loyalty.


Email marketing is helpful in increasing your business. From the above, you can get a better idea about the benefits of email in marketing.

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