(Johnny Johnny - yes papa ; washing your hands - yes papa ;  wearing your mask - yes papa ; shake my hand - No papa)

● Quarantine is pronounced as "kworanteen"
● Meaning : Strict isolation imposed on ship or person to prevent the spread of infection or disease
● Verb tense usage : Put in quarantine means put in strict isolation for Forty days (as originated anciently from Latin word "quadraginta" meaning 40 days isolation)
● Authentic source or later origin : The word "quarantine" also originates from "quarantena", the Venetian language (spoken in Venice) meaning "forty days isolation" which was practiced on ships and people as a measure of disease prevention related to the plague. This was first implemented in Venice during the outbreak of black plague, following which every nation & kingdom followed suit.
● The Forty-day quarantine period proved to be an effective formula for handling outbreaks of plague.
● Current trend/practice : There is no fixed period but in recent times, quarantine usually means that you are placed unde
r strict isolation for 14 days (standard duration) by the government or administration at their expense
● By the way : Extreme case of Govt imposed quarantine for political reasons can also mean "house arrest" where you are totally shut off or disconnected from the outside world. But then you are treated well and can enjoy all domestic facilities at the expense of the government (i  don't mind being under house arrest)
● Passing remark : Once bitten twice shy ; hence in the near future, i see a trend wherein foreign tours will be reduced dramatically ; Foreign trip will be considered a bane !

Alas : My dream of visiting Rome & Paris will go unfulfilled !!