We see every year and every moment there are millions of mobile apps or websites newly entered in the market. A lot of testing phases also implement to make it more friendly and compatible before its release. During application testing, most of application development teams refer test automation to speed up the process of testing and instead of using manual testing or normal QA process.

By referring only automation testing services you’ll miss many things of your application to improve its quality. So as a part of the top manual testing company I will suggest you combine the feature of both manual and automation testing together to lead the good quality and compatibility.

Let’s have a look at some points why manual testing is still necessary to release a successful application…

1. Manual Testing Take care of Human Perspective:

As per the name of testing, this is the process of testing in which everything is done by the human or you can also say manually. Software testers can easily notice the visual errors and mistakes of the application which is can not be noticed by the test automation script. They can easily identify UI related issues.

2. Cost-Effective

We all know automation testing needs to be more investment as compared to manual testing. If you hire a QA to test your application you don’t need to invest in test automation tools, Manual testing can be done with the help of open-source bugs tracking tools.

3. Some Scenarios Must be Done Manually

In software testing there are some things that need to be tested with the manual only, For example, if you want to test the call to action of your application, in this case, it is necessary to test by the human’s finger to understand the user experience.

4. Skillset

If you are thinking to start with automation testing then it is very difficult to hire a test automation engineer as compare to the hire testers or QA. Automation testers required lots of tool expertise, skill’s in order to handle test automation scripts. In the case of manual testing, it quite easy to handle test cases and implements.

5. Manual Testing help us to analysis Complete application

Over Manual testing, As per the software testers, experiment test automation can save lots of time because of test scripts, But manual testing allows us to deeply understand the application and find out the exact problem conceptually. In this type of testing, testers can connect with the end-users and think according to there needs, But Automation testing does not allow this process.


In today’s technical world, software testing also plays an important role in the whole software development life cycle. Manual testing cover lots of important things and human errors and automation testing is the grate way to verify it. So, the combination of both the process(Test automation and manual testing) works perfectly to-words the success of your application.

Original Source of Information: Is a manual testing legacy? These 5 reasons will disprove it