Advanced Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Tutorial

The purpose of this Advanced Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Tutorial is to highlight the importance of thinking about one's feelings and thoughts in a clear, analytical manner. It does not mean that feelings are not important; it simply means that our feelings and thoughts should be evaluated in a more sophisticated way.

In this article, I will outline three different levels of thought about feelings and their impacts on our emotions. The first level deals with values, beliefs, and beliefs in particular.

An individual might recognize that they have a value system or belief system. This level of thinking involves identifying and acknowledging the kind of thoughts that one has, what they believe, and how they perceive the world.

To grasp the concept of this level of thinking, consider this example. You take a car to your mechanic, who repairs your car, and after several trips to your car works so well that you can't wait to get home. After taking a few more trips, the mechanic tells you that your car won't start.

If you look at your car at this point, it looks fine, but then you have a vision of a spark plug that has burst and has caused a fire in your car. You don't notice it when you are driving down the road. However, if you slow down and look at your car when you stop at a red light, you will see that your car is in flames!

From the perspective of an EQtut, we know that the actual events were based on our perception of the situation. However, your own mental framework (assumptions) about your experience caused you to perceive the situation in a different way.

Our frame of reference (assumptions) about the events cause us to view them in a very different way from our current frame of reference. If you are EQ smart, then you pay attention to your assumptions. You pay attention to what you believe, and what you are actually experiencing. By paying attention to your beliefs, and how they affect your reality, you can easily understand why we are so emotionally influenced by our emotions.

An example might help illustrate this idea. The kid next door is throwing a tantrum because his doll is missing, but he sees his mom crying and tries to console her.

For many people, anger or aggression is simply part of being human. However, we must understand that this emotion is part of our framework.

If you do not pay attention to the emotional underpinning of your beliefs, then you will never fully realize that you have a problem. For example, many men in power to accept anger as a human emotion that is completely natural and acceptable. However, they realize that they must learn to control this type of emotion and learn to channel it into a positive way.

The Emotional Intelligence Academy was created to help men understand that there is nothing to feel bad about, or to feel guilty about, when it comes to feelings and emotions. Through this organization, men can identify their emotional beliefs and those beliefs that lead to negative consequences in their lives. For example, once they are able to identify and appreciate the truth about emotional feelings and its implications for their lives, they can overcome their anger, anxiety, and other emotions that result from being in a negative frame of mind.

By doing this, men are able to accept their feelings, and their emotions, and use them to create emotional intelligence. While this does not guarantee that they will not have some negative emotional outcomes, it certainly does increase their odds of overcoming those outcomes.

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