How do wireless wifi jammers work?

We all know that wireless wifi jammer is widely used in our daily life. It has the characteristics of flexibility, convenient operation, fast voice transmission, and economical use. It is the basic means to realize production scheduling automation and management modernization. What is the principle of a wireless wifi signal jammer?

1. Launch part:

A phase-locked loop and voltage-controlled oscillator (VCO) generate the transmitted RF carrier signal, which is buffered and amplified, excited, amplified, and power-amplified to produce the rated RF power.

2. Receive part:

The receiving part adopts the double-conversion super-heterodyne method. The signal input from the antenna is amplified by the radio frequency after passing through the transceiver conversion circuit and the band-pass filter. The first local oscillator signal of the phase-locked loop frequency synthesizer circuit is mixed at a first mixer and generates a first intermediate frequency signal. The first intermediate frequency signal is further removed from the clutter signal of the adjacent channel by a crystal filter. The filtered first intermediate frequency signal enters the intermediate frequency processing chip and is mixed with the second local oscillator signal again to generate a second intermediate frequency signal. Generate an audio signal. The audio signal enters the volume control circuit and power amplifier and is amplified, band-pass filtered, and wireless wifi blocker.
wireless wifi bluetooth jammer
3. Modulation signal and modulation circuit:

The human voice is converted into an audio electrical signal through a microphone, and the audio signal is directly modulated by a voltage-controlled oscillator through an amplifier circuit, a pre-emphasis circuit, and a band-pass filter.

4. Signal processing:

After the CTCSS/DTCSS signal generated by the CPU is amplified and adjusted, it enters the VCO for modulation. After receiving the low-frequency signal obtained after frequency division, a part of it is filtered and shaped by amplifying and sub-audio band-pass filter, and then enters the CPU, which is compared with the preset value, and the result is used to control the output of the audio power amplifier and the speaker. That is if it is the same as the preset value, turn the speaker on, otherwise, turn off the speaker.

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