Dispossession through Law Firms in Lahore:

Nazia Law Associates is among the best law firms in Lahore for the cases of dispossession and provides the best lawyers in Pakistan. The possession itself is a strong evidence of title, injunction granted. The plaintiff failing to prove his title and possession, injunction refused. The petitioner through best lawyers in Pakistan of law firms in Lahore placing on record copy of khasra girdawari to show his possession, status quo granted. The question of possession is adjudged on the situation of the date of filing of suit. The law does not lean in favour of the trespasser, injunction refused.

Injunction through Top Law Firms in Lahore:

The injunction can be granted to a person out of possession. Name of the petitioner not included in khasra girdawari issue of injunction not proper. The petitioner not showing prima facie any tangible proof of possession not entitled to injunction. The policy of law is that regardless of actual condition of title to or right of possession of property, and party actually in peaceful possession not to be turned out by strong violence or terror, under no law party in possession can be evicted by force. Where in a case exact extent of possession is not shown, Court duty is to first appoint local Commissioner to determine exact area in possession and then pass order of injunction till such time the defendant may be restrained to refrain from interfering in possession of the plaintiff.

Mere possession for lost 12 years on Government level will not entitle plaintiff to claim as a matter of right. When the plaintiff is in possession of if he is threatened with dispossession, he is entitled to maintain suit for injunction through best lawyers in Pakistan of law firms in Lahore restraining the person threatening him from dispossession.

Injunction against Drainage Water:

The rite of passage of drainage and of fresh air badly affected due to encroachment made by the respondent through best lawyers in Pakistan of law firms in Lahore, Municipal Committee also issued show cause notice, compensation not adequate relief. Injunction granted. The right to pass sewerage water through channel passing through defendant’s land, exercise of right ordered to be regulated so as to cause not more than necessary nuisance to defendant.

Injunction in Family matters:

An injunction may be granted to prevent marriage of a bride for a second time to another husband. The marriage arranged by guardian whose father suffers from hereditary disease. Danger of bridegroom contacting loath sum disease, Court will grant injunction restraining marriage. Injunction against Income Tax authority: The suit through best lawyers in Pakistan of law firms in Lahore for perpetual injunction restraining Income Tax authority from realizing tax is barred.

Injunction against illegal acts:

The acts which are prime facie illegal, injunction allowed. The proceeding pending before the Court not subordinate to the Court dealing with matter of injunction may be stayed.'  Injunction against office: The injunction can be issued against named person and not against office. Injunction against noise: Noise may amount to nuisance, so as to justify injunction. Excess of smoke, smell and noise amounts to nuisance so as to justify injunction against penal action: The appellants through best lawyers in Pakistan of law firms in Lahore entitled to do an act without incurring liability of penal action. Injunction granted Injunction against privacy. The right of privacy, infringement of, temporary injunction granted. In Pakistan, there are many Law Firms in Lahore Pakistan but In Nazia Law Associate is one of them Best and we have Expert Lawyers in Lahore who work on Legal cases in Pakistan.