Things allowed before the court marriage procedure in Pakistan:

Nazia Law Associates is the best law firm in Lahore Pakistan to conduct the court marriage procedure in Pakistan. What is allowed in court marriage procedure in Pakistan:  Q: Am I allowed to see the woman I am going to marry through court marriage procedure in Pakistan? Are husband and wife allowed to meet before court marriage procedure in Pakistan and is engagement allowed in Islam?  A: Yes, a man intending to marry a lady is allowed to see her. The Prophet (peace be upon him) himself asked a companion to see his wife be. Seeing her means casting a glance at the face of the lady. It also means getting a wife tainted with the family in whom a person is going to marry or following court marriage procedure in Pakistan through any law firm in Lahore Pakistan. 

The two are allowed to see each other, better in a family gathering, to know and inquire what they feel necessary, and get satisfied before the court marriage procedure in Pakistan. This meeting, however, does not mean dating, body contact or kissing, etc. Premarital sex and flirtations are simply out of question. If by engagement you mean the pre-marriage agreement between the two parties what is called Mangni in the South Asian region it is allowed- however without nikah, they cannot be considered husband and me and, therefore, cannot come into physical contact. Our Law Firm in Lahore is Provide the best solution of your legal cases in Pakistan.

Islamic Point of Court Marriage Procedure in Pakistan:

Q: Is it allowed in Islam to love a girl, or keep any type of relationship before following the court marriage procedure in Pakistan through law firm in Lahore Pakistan? 

A: Love for a person, not leading to dirty thinking and acts, is not objectionable. Better, however, it is expressed after the marriage contract If you are pointing at dating, etc, the way it is practiced in the westernized families, that is simply out of question in Islam However, Muslims have their of developing contacts between persons and families to have better understanding before entering the marriage contract through the court marriage procedure in Pakistan. This is allowed, rather considered desirable as also proved from the Sunnah of the Prophet.  

Q: If the dating of a woman with a man is prohibited in Islam, why is it not so 'in Christianity?  A: Dating in the current sense and as practiced today is only of recent origin and it has nothing to do with the Christian teachings and traditions, as understand. If dating means to know about the person, outlook, character, social status, and family background, etc. and does not involve any body contact, then it is rather acceptable in religion — Islam or Christianity. Contact beyond that is non-chaste and indecent and cannot be the teaching of Prophet Jesus. There is not a single verse to be found in any book of the Bible old and New Testament, known to have been interpolated, though, which could indicate the permission of the type of dating presently practiced? Such practices are, in fact, aberrations that found a way into the pure teachings of religions due to the lust or negligence on the part of the adherents. For any law point you can discuss any law firm in Lahore Pakistan